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Sabrent TV-USBHD Digital and Analog USB TV Tuner - ATSC Ready, HDTV, Analog, USB 2.0, Pendrive, Remote Control, Antenna, Windows 7/Vista Ready
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Sabrent USB Digital & Analog TV Tuner w/Control
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Item Number: M501-1402

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REVIEW BY: Chaz, Reviewed  Mar 16, 2013
Finding the right drivers may be a PITA. Overall, I found it works excellent with Win7 or higher. It's a headache otherwise. I've tried various multimedia software and OS, and it always came back to Win7. The software that came with it is very poor and has many glitches. The antenna that is included doesn't pull in much signal.

REVIEW BY: , Reviewed  Jul 15, 2012
this thing will never work. The drivers that are supposed to be on the cd according to the manual are not there and you have to search for them on the net. Never did pick up any channels

REVIEW BY: Samanoske2u Reviewed  Jul 06, 2012
I was hoping it would have worked better but wouldn't work with comcast cable, tried using it with straight line, standard cable box, and HD cable box. Nothing. Very disappointed

REVIEW BY: John, Reviewed  Jun 24, 2012
I followed the directions, however I have not been able to get my local channels. I tried two different locations but I got the same result. The remote I could not get to work. Nevertheless, I contact support and they made a suggestion. The problem is that the suggestion they made raise another question and I ask for a number to contact them. No response

REVIEW BY: g5yhrfvdd Reviewed  Jun 24, 2012
The only driver download on the Sabrent site was a uncommon file (rar).

REVIEW BY: Mike, Reviewed  Apr 17, 2012
Works very well, as described and had a few unexpected bonuses, like fm receiver and video capture functions. I'm pleased!!

REVIEW BY: LB, Reviewed  Mar 30, 2012
Drivers installed without a hitch. Connected the unit to a usb port. Windows tried to install and of course it didn't work. Put the cd in and followed the instructions. Clicked the Install Drivers button and verified in device manager everything installed and everything worked. The remote works with Blaze but not Media Center. If I'm just watching, I use Blaze. To record a program, I use media center because it's easier to use the schedule to select and record a program. No problems whatsoever! Great bang for the buck!!!

REVIEW BY: Crazyrabbit, Reviewed  Mar 30, 2012
I purchased for 19.99, which is a fairly good price for the TV card. It works, with about 10 minutes of prodding, with Win 7 Media Center, but tuning is extremely clunky. It is bundled with a remote and a CD that includes Blaze Media Viewer, which evidently is required for the remote. Blaze installs, but asks for a serial number that is not on the CD before loading. The limited documentation claims that serial number is on on the purchase order or receipt, which it was not. Amazingly enough, when uninstalled, Blaze leaves an update program resident on your computer and refuses to reinstall a 2nd time. I really thought that these convoluted login schemes, which do nothing but anger the purchaser and and prevent use of programs, went out with 1995. Ditto with programs that leave parts you cannot uninstall on your system. DO NOT PURCHASE unless you are satisfied using with Win 7 Media Player with no remote!

REVIEW BY: MPB, Reviewed  Mar 28, 2012
Worst product EVER! Not designed well, and did not preform well. Don't bother...

REVIEW BY: Turneywo, Reviewed  Mar 17, 2012
First, I installed the software and like other reviewers found it frustrating. I then used the suggestions of other reviewers , installed the drivers from the disk and used windows media centre. Along with not plugging in the antenna till WMC loaded I needed to ensure the drivers would not update when the antenna was plugged in. You need to go into settings and stop the drivers from updating. Works beautifully.

REVIEW BY: Gerry Reviewed  Mar 15, 2012
easy to install the image was not great I think it is because my cable is analog.

REVIEW BY: KARLOS5F Reviewed  Mar 12, 2012
This is the worst .... to weeks now an never got it to work ... keep sayin ( no signal ) sorry but not a good buy at all .... wish i had read some reviews

REVIEW BY: Rapcom Reviewed  Feb 28, 2012
I was concerned about the reviews on device and windows 7. I installed the software as directed on windows 7 and it would not pick up any channels. I then restarted the system and now have all 13 channels. The software is very limited and kind of sucks; but once the system reboot windows media center picked up the same channels and works better than the software. I have found every-time you do a change to the system you loss the channels and have to reboot; but at least it works. Had it for 1 week and so far so good. The negative on the features is because of the software. If they can't do better than windows then just give people detection software and let windows do the rest.

REVIEW BY: SLOPOKE Reviewed  Feb 25, 2012
Put in the CD. Ran the Driver, then the GUI SW. Scanned (22miles from Capital) with roof ant. Got em all. Loose sound on windy days. But that's normal wit our new and improved digital signal. Any way read the manual, you'll be fine. Careful, not the sturdiest dongle. Remote works if you pull out the batt protect. Have fun.

REVIEW BY: bill Reviewed  Feb 25, 2012
works as advertised sold three friends on it

REVIEW BY: revjoncp Reviewed  Feb 22, 2012
had it only 2 weeks, software was ok but not great and it died within 2 weeks. Mine may have been defective but if they all are like this def. not worth buying. Also it said I had a strong signal (100%) on over 43 channels but I only got over 10 percent quality on 2 channels.

REVIEW BY: Dottie Reviewed  Feb 21, 2012
I returned it and got a prompt refund. It picked up only one local station which I do not watch. Worthless for my use.

REVIEW BY: T Reviewed  Feb 06, 2012
Unusable for Windows 7. Drivers, which must be downloaded, are not registered

REVIEW BY: new Reviewed  Jan 24, 2012
i purchased this item for my new pc less than a month old and was unable to install the software that came with the product. i had to go to the sabrent web site to get the drivers that was in a zip file. was able to install to drivers but not the software to get the product to work. had to use windows media center to use product

REVIEW BY: xyz Reviewed  Jan 20, 2012
Nice device, even comes with FM, but no mention of this anywhere. The included Blaze software is not very good. I could not get it to record. I use Windows Media Center instead. The little antenna works for me. My laptop now has the option of being a portable TV receiver - TV recorder - FM receiver, all for 30 bucks.

REVIEW BY: jags Reviewed  Jan 17, 2012
Never worked except the antenna. I had windows xp and vista.

REVIEW BY: MIKE Reviewed  Jan 11, 2012
Did everthing it claimed to be and more. Easy to install, was working in minutes. Can't wait to record hd programs to my computer and transfer them to my blu-ray recorder.

REVIEW BY: bob Reviewed  Jan 11, 2012
can not see the channels in a box bigger than 1

REVIEW BY: sharkey Reviewed  Jan 09, 2012
I works nice I just havent had much time to mess with it

REVIEW BY: Don Reviewed  Jan 07, 2012
Good tuner for the price, used loop antenna indoors, gets 14 channels, loses signal when train goes by, software included isn't that good, nothing for editing recorded video, remote needs to be pointed at tuner, recommend outside antenna.

REVIEW BY: elder jim Reviewed  Jan 06, 2012
better than my HDTV tuner which only picks up 2 stations as soon as i ran the first search i was watching 11 channels off the same antenna

REVIEW BY: kent Reviewed  Jan 05, 2012
I hooked it up to my cable and it pick up 210 channels but would only show video for about 8 channels and I tried every setting possible. But when I hook the same cable to a tv it shows video for all the channels.

REVIEW BY: snarf Reviewed  Dec 31, 2011
Used for my laptop, channels come in great, took a while to figure out how to set recording feature. The remote works but be sure you aim it at the tuner not the picture. Would recommend it.

REVIEW BY: rrsaks Reviewed  Dec 22, 2011
I am very pleased with this device. The quality of the picture is very good. I would have given all five stars except for the performance, which is mostly due to the computer you connect it to. It takes up allot of resources. I find it works best on a 64bit machine with lots of memory, but then everything works best that way - it still does the job on a 32bit machine. Plus, the antenna that ships with it works okay, but a better one may pick up more channels. I don't use the remote, but it is a nice feature. I use this with Windows Media Center and scheduled shows and movies to be recorded automatically. Then, with software like Splashtop I am able to connect to the desktop with my Android tablet; I can watch TV anywhere. It works like a charm.

REVIEW BY: gTaber Reviewed  Dec 22, 2011
Works great with Media Center on Win7 but not sooo hot with the software that comes on the CD. The coaxial part gets hot, but it hasn't effected the quality since I've had it (about a month) I use it for over the air HD stations and with my satellite provider. Not bad for $20

REVIEW BY: AlbanyJim Reviewed  Dec 22, 2011
did not work. Caused the computer to crash

REVIEW BY: Wingman Reviewed  Dec 22, 2011
Works great, easy to use, great value for bucks.

REVIEW BY: graymill Reviewed  Dec 22, 2011
Ive used a couple of times now. It did a channel search found 34 channels I don't think my high def antenna on my tv found that many. Picture quality is great.

REVIEW BY: fishy1boy13 Reviewed  Dec 20, 2011
just install drivers from disk, then use windows media center. works like a charm... but the remote doesnt, either it just dosnt work or i didnt recieve a ir reciever for it, idk, but no problem, i can use my mouse.

REVIEW BY: DLF Reviewed  Dec 19, 2011
Perhaps because my studio is in the basement, or perhaps I do not live close to any transmitters, but I could not get any channels on this unit. I tried both with the antenna and with direct hookup to coax cable and nothing. I have another USB stick by Hauppeg(sp?) and it works great, but it's about 2-3 times more expensive. I bought this unit for the price, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. :( Others have had luck though, so for the bread it's worth a try!

REVIEW BY: Dustin Reviewed  Dec 17, 2011
I have had this device for two days and it works well in the fact that it picks up most of the available channels. It does not work well in the fact that after two days of occasional use (4 hours) it has shorted out

REVIEW BY: hrdrockker40 Reviewed  Dec 17, 2011
This usb stick works like a charmI READ THE INSTRUCTIONS (about 3 pages worth),hooked it up, ran the software and watched HDTV on my computer. The only reason I purchased this was that I wanted to watch the news in the morning when I work out. It picked up 25 HD channels on the initial scan. Works great. BTW I am about 20-30 miles from city transmitters.

REVIEW BY: poeronald Reviewed  Dec 15, 2011
Works great with both of my computers even remote works with both desk top and laptop great buy for the money love how it works with Windows Media Center Window7 OS

REVIEW BY: TV watcher Reviewed  Dec 14, 2011
The software loaded OK on Windows7, 32 bit. The tuner works fine and does tune all my local stations in Weston with the small included antenna. The remote will only mute the audio, nothing else. There is no mention of the remote in the manual. You're on your own in figuring out what to do with it. The box it comes in and the manual both state that it is also a FM receiver. That may be but the software that came with my unit does not have the capability of tuning FM stations. So my unit does NOT receive FM. I emailed the manufacture two weeks ago and they have not responded. All in all even though the unit runs very warm it is a good tuner for the price. Too bad the software is not as good as the tuner. There is a 'Pro' version of the software that costs 170% of what I paid for the tuner, software, ant etc with no details of what it does. Thanks but no thanks.

REVIEW BY: Reviewed  Nov 02, 2011
Very difficult to install especially if you don't have a cd rom. The picture is very grainy and 60hz makes it not very stable. Remote does not work at all. In all not a very good buy. most of the features do not woek very well.

REVIEW BY: Not Compatable Reviewed  Sep 13, 2011
I loaded it on my daughters computer Win 7 & it seemed to work fine.

REVIEW BY: TONY Reviewed  Sep 05, 2011
does work. do not follow the bad reviews here. might be that they did not follow instructions properly. tunes fm radio, does not have a composite or RCA input. Stick with coaxial for video capture.

REVIEW BY: ED2959 Reviewed  Sep 01, 2011

REVIEW BY: RC Reviewed  Aug 21, 2011
Got this just so I could plug the cable tuner in and watch tv on my computer monitor. The picture is okay, a bit grainy but passable. Haven't tried any HD features with it. Low cost and does what I want it to. Fine by me.

REVIEW BY: Bill Reviewed  Aug 17, 2011
It performed better than I expected for the price I paid.

REVIEW BY: T Reviewed  Aug 03, 2011
It picks AFN just fine. I am running Windows Vista and it seems to work just fine. The remote isn't working but I really haven't messed with it to much. For the price and the quality this is a great buy.

REVIEW BY: rick p Reviewed  Jul 16, 2011
works great. running win7. used win media center. manual setup. click no box. bypass second tuner (have digital cable box ). select ch.4. use cable box and remote to change channels. note. the usb tuner gets hot where it conects the cable. don't know if i'd leave this running unattended.

REVIEW BY: chris Reviewed  Jul 09, 2011
its not saving my tv show search so i have to do a 5min search before i get to watch tv then it stops responding all the time i don't recommend buying this product its not worth the money.

REVIEW BY: krysavy Reviewed  Jun 23, 2011
This works great!! on my W7 64x Home Premium OS and integrates perfectly with MCE as long as I let the system load BEFORE plugging in the usb tuner. I also followed the very clear installation instructions provided along with the driver. Ignore the negative reviewers, they just cannot follow directions. Also, my remote works fine as long as the tuner is positioned with the remote sensor showing, but I prefer my MCE remote. The included antenna brings in all local stations but one, and who needs NBC anyway, lol?

REVIEW BY: whiplash61 Reviewed  Jun 14, 2011
I purchased this product and hooked it up on 3 computers,each with different operating systems(xp professional,vista,and windows 7.) It did nothing on xp or vista, and froze on windows 7. This item is total JUNK and a COMPLETE waste of something better.

REVIEW BY: poletown1 Reviewed  Jun 13, 2011
Seems to be good

REVIEW BY: FRANCISCO Reviewed  Jun 11, 2011
The USB TV Tuner its do that supose to do, find chanels and se tv on the computer, work fine, just a litle con, that when try to find chanel on windows media center take a lot to find the chanels , wiht blase dosen se to slow to find.

REVIEW BY: Lou Reviewed  Jun 05, 2011
can't find the channels in my area and have to reload everytime I shutdown the computer.

REVIEW BY: BLHTAZ Reviewed  May 30, 2011
Initial hookup and download worked fine but it failed the next time I tried to use it. I have not been able to get it to work with the packaged software or with Media Center (worked with both initially) since the original install. I have since gone with a much more expensive internal PCI card from another manufacturer and have no issues.

REVIEW BY: RandyAA Reviewed  May 26, 2011
After reading other reviews I decided to try it. After all it's only $30. Works great on my XP pro, Pentium 4 desktop. Software installed on my Win 7 laptop, but could not get any TV channels. Will try again later.

REVIEW BY: Christopher Reviewed  Apr 21, 2011
I installed this on a Dell hybrid hooked up to a TV only using Media Center with Windows 7 64bit. The drivers provided did not work for Win7SP1. I download drivers from the website and they did not work because of Driver signing. Even after disabling driver signing. Hint: Use the Windows Vista 64 drivers instead. After that it worked fine for the basic Comcast-Illinois cable and Media Center. You may need one with QAM to receive more channels. But, this is all new to me and my first one. It does work fine with a separately TV TOP purchased antenna and with regular cable from Comcast. The antenna provided will need put outside with an extension if you wish to use it to pickup anything in our area. :)

REVIEW BY: Candiy Reviewed  Mar 31, 2011
I tried to use it with windows 7 and it did not work. I was very disappointed and had to promptly return it.

REVIEW BY: BadRod Reviewed  Mar 27, 2011
hard to beat for the price. useless antenna; annoying included software. youre much better off using win mce. works with win7 home premium 64bt on my HP p6687c...i have it hooked up to cable feed coming out of the wall and am very pleased. one thing tho, you have to tell win7 to allow unsigned drivers or you will be very frustrated in trying to get the darn thing to work.

REVIEW BY: Tim Reviewed  Mar 27, 2011
The antenna that came with it received no channels. With a 4 bay outdoor antenna I get one VHF digital and 6 assorted analog channels and 11 FM radio stations. It works well but I had expected reception comparable to my 12vdc 5

REVIEW BY: DaveDR Reviewed  Mar 27, 2011
Ordered it with my brand new computer, have yet to get it to work with Windows 7. Loads of error messages. Emailed Sabrent, have yet to hear from them. Walked it over to my daughter'r Notebook to see if it was something in mine. Same thing. This is JUNK!!

REVIEW BY: sowat Reviewed  Mar 21, 2011
all looked good didnt get many channels with the antenna that came with it switched ant. got better reception

REVIEW BY: Notruthere Reviewed  Mar 12, 2011
Works on my D630 Laptop, works on my 4400 tower. None of the problems as stated by others, but their operating systems are more buggy. I have never found a program or device that works on Vista OS troublefree. As for Win7 this is just another name for vista with all current patches installed so it is difficult with most things also. One problem I have is the REMOTE CONTROL does not work. I do not even see where the receiving sensor is on the USB fob. Software is excellent, includes equalizer and all options are controllable. Instruction manual is a translation so English is poor at best, but if you need instructions on how to install hardware or software you should not be doing it yourself anyway. I have 14 air channels in my area and the included ant. could grab 2. With my outside ant I could grab all 14. As for cable, I don't have it, but device offers option for it, along with digital radio. Does what is advertised and more. TiVo clone without the lowjack

REVIEW BY: WILL Reviewed  Mar 09, 2011
this product? is not usable with Windows 7!!! Drivers not signed!

REVIEW BY: Zauber Reviewed  Mar 03, 2011
I bought this thing because I had found that it could be made to work under Linux by modifying a driver for another USB TV tuner that had an identical chipset. However, those drivers are no longer compatible with kernel versions higher than 2.6.33. So, I attempted to get it running in Virtual Box, using Windows XP as the guest OS. The WinXP guest recognized the analog and digital video components of the video card, but failed to recognize the audio component after repeated attempts. I eventually installed it on my brother's laptop for testing. All audio and video components were recognized, but the player software crashed while attempting to scan for channels. So, even on its intended platform, it still won't work!

REVIEW BY: DrWho Reviewed  Mar 01, 2011
A total piece of junk. Wouldn't install the drivers. I forced them to install then flat out wouldn't work. Installed the Blaze TV software and that didn't work. Then somehow Blaze TV installed a utility program called media detector. couldn't get that to uninstll. It totally messed up my wecam then crashed out my windows 7. I had to completely reinstall windows 7....BUMMER!!!! Like a said...Worst Product EVER!!!!! :-(

REVIEW BY: ernest Reviewed  Feb 26, 2011
Picked this ubs-tuner because believed it wouldn't need very high speed processor and the price was worth the gamble,however also believd that many negative reviews were due to lack of familiarity with ota-antennas and luckily this tuner worked well and immediately on my asus 1000h ebook and a refurbished emachine pc.I used an outdoor antenna and an indoor one both amplified where I live in a rural setting 40 miles from braodcast towers and had over ten stations with excellent picture and sound as hd and sd but the tuner did not work with clear QAM even though the package says it does so the result is four stars and not five and btw the provided telescopic antenna is useless.

REVIEW BY: I275Fla Reviewed  Feb 25, 2011
I bought this TV tuner for my laptop running Windows 7 Professional and it flat out did not want to install, period. The drivers that come with this TV tuner are not signed and Windows 7 Professional will not even let you install anything whose drivers are not signed. Needless to say, I got a refund.

REVIEW BY: Doc Reviewed  Feb 24, 2011
Doesn't allow viewing of the basic channels on comcast cable.

REVIEW BY: RON Reviewed  Feb 23, 2011
Installed drvers then software on several PC's Windows 7 32bit, 64bit, and Windows XP, all worked the antena is ok but it came with an extention cable and it will do QAM, HDTV, and Free to Air. only thing is it gets HOT. I hope it does not burn up.

REVIEW BY: zbo Reviewed  Feb 20, 2011
the tv tuner simply did not work. It gave me so many error messages when i attempted to install including missing drivers. I contacted the products manufacturer only for them to tell me they have nothing to do with the drivers and there is nothing they can do. I would stay away especially if you have windows 7.

REVIEW BY: Bob Reviewed  Feb 03, 2011
On 7 did not install On XP no connection over air or cable Documentation product name device name in Windows and software indicates something is wrong here Good price, no workie Can anyone spell refund

REVIEW BY: NS-Dave Reviewed  Feb 01, 2011
I followed the instructions and it installed without a hitch on a 9-year-old laptop. It found 68 stations using a ten dollar rabbit-ear antenna. My computer doesn't have infrared, so I can't use the remote. All-in-all a great deal, I'm very happy.

REVIEW BY: MrRolco Reviewed  Jan 27, 2011
I love this tuner, works very well ! Wish they would put vent holes on these flash drives, they do get hot. Hope it will last.

REVIEW BY: walter Reviewed  Jan 14, 2011
I does not work. I am not a beginner at setting up computer peripherals. It did not respond as predicted when I followed the set up instructions. I also tried to go on line for help from the manufacturer and down loaded the latest driver. I am asking for a refund.

REVIEW BY: cinebiz Reviewed  Jan 11, 2011
The image quality is not the same as a $200.00 video capture tuner card, but it is acceptable.

REVIEW BY: Ken Reviewed  Jan 10, 2011
After several attempts, I finally figured out what the problem is. It doesn't work with a 32 bit operating systyem. That needs to be included in listing

REVIEW BY: kdog Reviewed  Jan 08, 2011
Great Product. The performance of this tuner is awesome. I've had it for over a year and have found it to be amazing. The video is clear and audio is great. I use it with an old p4 with xp and it work great. One thing that the receiver can't make up for is a poor signal, so do yourself a favor and make yourself a good antenna. Get instructions online for a coat hanger hd antenna.

REVIEW BY: phubbs Reviewed  Jan 06, 2011
Do not like it. I have to re-install it everytime I restart the computer. After several attempts I finally got it to find cable channels when I installed it on my XP laptop. It would not even install on my windows 7 desktop.I bought it for it's portability. Well that is out.

REVIEW BY: MaryB Reviewed  Jan 03, 2011
Am using VISTA 32 bit HP Laptop. The included software crashes within minutes every time I use it, and the hybrid tuner unit doesn't work with Windows Media Centre. The unit's connection in the USB port is also wobbly, so that I only get consistant reception when I physically hold it in the port. Recorded programs (on channels that show reliably on other tvs in the house) are choppy. Oh, also, the remote doesn't work AT ALL. The unit does work with Quick Play and the remote included with my laptop. But the lack of good tuning, and the many glitches with software and driver, are my main beefs. FAIL. Save your time and get a better product.

REVIEW BY: Badgirl100878 Reviewed  Jan 03, 2011
Had a few minor issues with getting it to work but after messing around for a bit it works fine still got alot to figure out about it but seems like a decent investment.

REVIEW BY: bestdogadaschund Reviewed  Dec 22, 2010
Installed on my Vista 64 Gateway laptop. Follow the instructions to the letter and it works as it is supposed to. The install disc is different than shown in the help menu but it's all good. Important to use a GOOD outside antenna when scanning for stations at the SETUP. This is specified in the SETUP INFO. The antenna that comes with it is quite small and it's better than nothing but it works on strong signal stations. Just DO NOT use it to scan for stations at SETUP. Image capture is great and works without a hitch. The tuner gets pretty hot so keep it free and uncovered. All in all it's a good tuner for the money and I'm well satisfied.

REVIEW BY: Dr. Dave Reviewed  Dec 21, 2010
The Sabrent device works well on 64 bit Windows 7, with two exceptions. Although the included driver works well, you must reboot Windows while pressing F8 a few times, and then select Disable Driver Signing Enforcement (and you must do that again every time you boot). The second shortcoming is that the unit requires a stronger signal than my TV and my converter box do. That being said, I am quite pleased with the unit. The included BlazeTV application works well, but if you are on Windows 7, the Sabrent device also works with Windows Media Center, which is especially cool, because it is TV schedual based, providing capability for which most people pay a monthly fee. It can just record on schedual in the background, and on my multiprocessor machine, there is no perceptable impact on whatever work I am doing.

REVIEW BY: HTFRUGAL Reviewed  Dec 21, 2010
Bought it yesterday and installed the included software in my Vista 32bit laptop. After extending the telescoping antenna, I picked up several local channels...was very impressed with the image quality and ease of use for those channels with strong signal (planning to buy another antenna with higher gain). Only bug is that it occassionally freezes, or I lose the volume; have to restart the application and it works fine...I hope the manufacturer solves this issue with a software update. I trust they have a software upgrade that addresses these bugs.

REVIEW BY: gscpioneer Reviewed  Dec 20, 2010
I feel I was mislead by the ad because it didn't work and I had 3 people that are super computer people to check it out and they tried and they couldn't get the item to work.I no that their will be an investigate over this item and that is all I can say at this time.

REVIEW BY: Mikeisme Reviewed  Dec 16, 2010
The disk containing the drivers is a small one and would not work in my desktop drive. Had to use a laptop to send the drivers to a flashdrive, also had to disable digital signature in windows 7 for the drivers to install. I could not find drivers on websight. Complicated install, but works fine with windows media center once I got it installed.

REVIEW BY: Al B. Reviewed  Dec 06, 2010
In spite of all the bad reviews listed I bought this item anyway. This product works great. It does everything it says it does.It installed easily and gets great reception even with the little antenna that comes with it.It works with Windows 7 Media Center and even better with the Blaze sofware that comes with it. It comes with a remote that you can't use because of the lack of an IR on card. That's the only reason I gave this a 4 star rating for performance. Also I live about 20 miles from the broadcast towers and the computer I installed this on doesn't meet the products minimum requirements and it works awesome.

REVIEW BY: BUDDY Reviewed  Nov 15, 2010
I have had this product for over a month now and it works fine after you figure out how to set it up. I have windows 7 and in order for this product to work at all you need to disable digital driver signing when you reboot your computer. Other than that it works fine.

REVIEW BY: animal1017 Reviewed  Oct 31, 2010
It works fine on Windows 7 once you know the tricks. I got all the drivers installed but it still would not work. Called Sabrent and within 2 hours received a call back. He was very supportive. The trick for me was to restart the PC then just as it starts back up press f8 continuesly till a black screen with startup options pop up. Scroll down to DISABLE DRIVER SECURITY AND PRESS IT. Then when the PC starts and you are logged on try windows media center and it works. Could be better way but it works for me for the time being.

REVIEW BY: ruskel46 Reviewed  Oct 31, 2010
I have Windows 7 64 bit the driver that comes with tuner for that doesnt work but the Vista 64 bit driver works fine remote works fine with blaze but doesnt work in Windows Media Center for the people that lost channels push the a-d button sometime it switchs from didgital to analog when using another remote funtion once you find these things it works great

REVIEW BY: Tootyfrooty9 Reviewed  Sep 27, 2010
Installation was simple. Blaze software hung up computer and I had to restart - so I uninstalled that. Works fine with Win7 Media Center.

REVIEW BY: compuwsrd Reviewed  Sep 10, 2010
For the price this does the job, until I can afford a much better one. Works great with digital cable.

REVIEW BY: NotSoLucky Reviewed  Aug 28, 2010
Tip of antenna was defective, Remote did not work, Tuner worked on Vista but failed on XP machine (both using cable connection).

REVIEW BY: photoman2004 Reviewed  Aug 25, 2010
Bought this tuner primarily to run a security feed to my computer, but also to have option to watch TV now and again. Well the PVR software freezes every time I try to run the security feed, so I'm not even sure it works (recieves?) but who cares since I'm bringing it back for something else. As for the TV tuner, well it does work but the software is incredibly laggy and the reception is poor given I have this thing in my upstairs and should be picking up 3 clear analogs and one HD channel... just 2 scratchy analogs is all I get... unwatchable. I'm not pleased with this product at all.

REVIEW BY: DAVIDTAYLOR Reviewed  Aug 10, 2010
Got this tuner as part of making a MMPC. It tuned on NTSC, but it will not tune ClearQAM from Roadrunner, or over the air ATCS unless the signal is incredibly strong. The included antenna is worthless. I got better results from holding onto the wire with my hand. When this item tunes, it cannot play back video without tearing and halting. I tried 4 different computers with XP, vista, and Win7, and none of them could produce smooth video for even a single minute. The included software crashes and constantly forgets the scanned channel list. I tried the tuner with windows Media Center and VLC. While they did not crash, the same bad video problems occurred.

REVIEW BY: Chuck Reviewed  Jul 09, 2010
Where do I start? Ok, here goes... SAVE YOUR MONEY !!! Wait until you can afford a tuner that actually works. As for support, NON-Existant !! And I've been waiting for my first reply for over a YEAR. WAIT !!! oops sorry that was my grandma' asking me why I wasted money on this product.

REVIEW BY: broman Reviewed  Jul 05, 2010
First of all... why the mini disc? I had a hard time taking it out from my laptop. Then, after looking for all the drivers and blazer installer for myself... i was able to have everything ready just so I couldn't receive any signal nor channels at all... ever. It just doesn't work...

REVIEW BY: Chris Reviewed  Jul 01, 2010
I still can not get the password to work it looks great the computer recognizes but i am betting the area i am in is part of the performancs issue but the password recognition really IS NOT GOOD and i have not been able to get hold of support at any phone numbers provided. Does it sound worth the money? I wish it worked!

REVIEW BY: snakemama Reviewed  Jun 14, 2010
A friend of mine had this item and I had to have it, and when I bought it the store assured me it was easy to install. Not the case since I am not good with computers. Called for help and Adam was a life saver. He was wonderful, very patient with me and was very helpful. His great personally was awesome and was able to install the item and get it working in time to watch the opening games of World Cup at work. Thank you so much Adam, and my husband thanks you too.

REVIEW BY: greenbean Reviewed  Jun 11, 2010
Windows Media Center doesn't like Hybrid tuners so you get stuck with what it detects, then I don't know why it won't detect any channels on my win7-64bit laptop, but does on the Vista desktop (drivers??) Same as another review, don't get quick with the remote or you'll have to close and open. There is updated software for download but the reg code on the cd-sleeve it came with won't work so the download is useless. I dunno, but my time is worth buying a more solid product.

REVIEW BY: choteau Reviewed  Jun 04, 2010
I bought this so that I could use my laptop as a tv in my RV. So far when coupled with my GE Amplified antennae it has done a very good job of doing just exactly that even in remote campgrounds.

REVIEW BY: bigdavej Reviewed  May 28, 2010
For the money this product is first rate. The only bugs I've encountered so far is the unit sometimes freezes up when you use the remote functions to fast & then you need to restart the device again to reset it. Also sometimes the audio drops out when you change the channel & again you need to restart the thing again. No big deal for myself but it's not bullet proof so I really could not sell this to my average Joe customer but for geeks like me this thing is fabulous. Excellent HD Recording & playback. Tuner seems to pick up all my stations just fine & the Antenna included with the package is really solid with a nice strong magnet on the bottom. I highly recommend this product. Easy to hook up & get started with. Have fun!!

REVIEW BY: Mari Reviewed  May 22, 2010
This product sounds great but one problem, it DOES NOT WORK. Although TigerDirct is a great site, I'll not bother buying this product or recommending it to anyone.

REVIEW BY: Ed Reviewed  May 18, 2010
This product works far better than I expected. I have used it on my laptop and on my desktop with XP Pro on both pc's and it gives true HDTV with Dolby Sound, cannot believe it is the same speakers being used. I take screen shots from High Def programs and use them as wallpaper for my desktop. I can also record the programs being watched and play them back later in HD. I am using a homemade antenna made from coat hangers and receive approx. 25 channels. High Def quality as good as I have seen in any store. I also play my mp3's and dvd movies using this little USB plugin. I understand drivers are now available for Win 7.

REVIEW BY: philly Reviewed  May 13, 2010
This product hasn't had software support since 2006, any new operating system will have trouble with it. Also it supports antenae in xp and some vista but cable is not supported, even though it says it on the box. Its a basic, old, tv tuner for arial. Don't buy it for anything else. After failed install I researched it all the way to the manufacturer specs and it is not whats on the label.

REVIEW BY: nwebb Reviewed  May 05, 2010
I decided to give this card a try even after reading all the bad reviews about it not working with W7. I plugged in the card and it said windows did not have drivers for it. When it prompted to look online or let me browse for drivers I pointed it to the CD(that came with it) to the windows vista drivers for both audio and video. Had it working in 10 minutes with Windows Media Center picking up 20 stations with 100% signal strength. This card is working great for me. You just have to be smarter then the computer and the card to get it working.

REVIEW BY: jay92292 Reviewed  Apr 29, 2010
I bought this for my laptop because the sales rep. assured me it will work with window 7. when i recived the product i read the whole manuel and did as it said. very dissapointed that it did not work at all and also contacted the manufactor, they told me it does not work with windows 7. i would have never bought it if the agent said it would work fine and even advertise that it is windows 7 ready.. NOT true. on top of all this i had a very hard time returning it and getting my money back.

REVIEW BY: Ren Reviewed  Mar 29, 2010
I followed the manual and got it to install with little issue, but kept getting hangups during channel scan. The manual mentioned that the tuner draws quite a bit of power, so I unplugged it from one of my front USB ports to one of the powered ports on the rear of my computer that works to charge USB devices. Changing the port did the trick and I was able to get everything up and running with the included software. The main problem I've had is that my computer is pretty ancient (AthlonXP 2800 cpu) and the lack of an on-board MPEG encoder makes my cpu have to do a lot of work to watch analog cable stations (50-75 percent cpu on average). Recording with BlazeVideo does not work well in analog due to my cpu already being stressed out, but works great on digital channels where the signal is already in MPEG format. I had no luck getting this to work in Media Center in Windows 7 RC1, the tuner wasn't detected.

REVIEW BY: Andres Reviewed  Mar 22, 2010
Excellent value, nicely build physically. But it does not work with Windows 7, and it works with flaws with Windows VISTA. Also, it is not a ''world analgog TV'' device -it only works with NTSC signals, not with PAL signals.

REVIEW BY: Pierced Reviewed  Mar 01, 2010
It works as it says but it is rather hard to get used to.

REVIEW BY: hospitalbob Reviewed  Feb 26, 2010
never worked

REVIEW BY: Cardsfan Reviewed  Feb 15, 2010
I just got this usb tv tuner, and honestly to tell you the truth instead of installing and downloading all the drivers, if you have windows vista just use windows media center. Windows media center does all the same feature's and better it automatically configures device and searches for the channels for you. I got 74 because (i subscribe to cable)instead of using attenna, very good souud and video quality. Can record pause as well. Media center is better than the blaze program they give you. Plus i have on screen guide of what tv shows are on. This honestly isn't a bad little tuner for the price, just do what i did and within five minutes you will be watching tv. Not bad for $39 dollars is a good investment

REVIEW BY: DC Reviewed  Feb 10, 2010
The product performace is not as great as expected.

REVIEW BY: nalbert Reviewed  Feb 02, 2010
Tried installing on two different computers picture would roll and jitter . in process of returning for refund . if it would have worked it would have been a great value.

REVIEW BY: jay'sPc Reviewed  Jan 11, 2010
Bought it so that I can watch tv from my Pc. Works well. Everithing came with, installation is a snap. I'm enjoying it!!.. Not woriking well with Win7 64 bit.

REVIEW BY: JH Reviewed  Jan 07, 2010
I am running Win 7. When I got the TV Tuner I tried to connect it. Even with tech help to get a correct driver it did not work. I also have a computer running XP. It worked fine connected to it. I bought it to use during power outages in storms, so it works fine for me. Maybe I'm just to quick to expect Win 7 adaptation.

REVIEW BY: ROKIMOKROGUZ Reviewed  Dec 23, 2009

REVIEW BY: Jim Reviewed  Dec 03, 2009
Have re-loaded several time and still get gteat picture but the sound cracks in and out for ten minutes and the has no spound at all. This make the item worthless.

REVIEW BY: capegator Reviewed  Nov 28, 2009
Purchased to use as a portable tv during power outages as oposed to a portable tv Set up in a short time found all the stations worked great Saved 100 going this way

REVIEW BY: andy Reviewed  Nov 25, 2009
Very good product

REVIEW BY: Anonymous Reviewed  Nov 19, 2009
JUNK. I bought and installed this device and despite working in the IT field for 15 years had significant problems getting this to work in Vista. It did work for a few days, then in the midst of Vista upgrades (thanks Microsoft) it stopped working and I keep getting error messages. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, tried to contact Sabrent, Conextant, Auvitek, and BlazeVideo for assistance but no one will claim ownership and no one will help. BIG WASTE OF MONEY when no one is willing to support these things.

REVIEW BY: Lo Reviewed  Nov 14, 2009
It was a little difficult getting started (getting the program loaded), but once it did - it worked. The drawback was that you have to be outside of the house in order to pick up more then two stations. But, once it did - it picked up at least 25 stations!

REVIEW BY: Mario Reviewed  Nov 10, 2009
Out of the BOX, followed INSTRUCTIONS. DOES NOT WORK! Two hours of my life I won't get back. No way to contact support! This is a piece of JUNK!

REVIEW BY: bb Reviewed  Nov 09, 2009
I was kind of hesitant to buy the Sabrent TV-USBHD Digital and Analog USB Tuner but gave it a go. I read the instructions very carefully and slowly twice did exactly what they said to do. Picked up 22 digital channels in a large urban city. Digital picture is very sharp and clear on my Windows XP.

REVIEW BY: Andy Reviewed  Nov 06, 2009
I bought this product and out of the box it felt flimsy. Once installed, it continuously flickered which became very annoying, quickly. I would definitely not recommend the product even though it is a money saver. Go with the Hauppage one instead!

REVIEW BY: JB Reviewed  Nov 05, 2009
The antenna stinks, I used a real one & got my signals just fine. Who needs Media Center?

REVIEW BY: knk437 Reviewed  Nov 02, 2009
It does its job in the basic sense, but definetly not a top of the line type. used it on XP pc, did catch few channels on the antenna. Worked pretty good with a cable box also, however just remember with cable box you loose the ability to record shows on a schedule. One of the main disappointments was the quality of the recordings, it was like watching a very low bandwidth youtube video.

REVIEW BY: Gman Reviewed  Oct 29, 2009
Got this home and never recieved a signal. I hooked the tuner to an external antenna and still never recieved any signal. Finally returned it.

REVIEW BY: BJ Reviewed  Oct 24, 2009
I was able to receive NTSC from my cable box without any problem. Off the air was a little more difficult. It took an outside antenna and quite a while to get it to work, but finally it did receive some of the channels. My converter box receives all of the local channels where as the USB HDTV device does not.

REVIEW BY: KLA Reviewed  Oct 18, 2009
I cannot say if this product works correctly or not as no channels of any type were found. So either there are no available signals (possible) or the product doesn't work properly (possible). I cannot be sure.

REVIEW BY: signalman65 Reviewed  Oct 17, 2009
I followed all the instructions, but the driver on the disk that came with the product was bad. I Had a hard time downloading a new driver, When I finially got a free driver the stick seemed to work, but the software could not find any channels. I tried both the antenia that came with the stick, and my high speed cable connection. I bought it to watch the channels that do not need the Cable Box.

REVIEW BY: fognites Reviewed  Oct 12, 2009
I carefully read all the reviews from the past and notice that people who had windows xp didn't seem to have any problems. I have two computers and yes one with xp and one 64bit vista. I follwed the directions to the letter and loaded it up on the xp computer. At first nothing. But then I re-loaded drivers and wham. The absolute best picture I've ever seen from my on roof antener. In fact it's better than my picture with satalite tv. When My one year subscribtion is over with direct tv I'll dump them forever. I still HAVEN'T TRIED TO LOAD ON MY vista computer yet. Plan to do that next week after runn ing a cable to living room. I also ordered from tiger windows 7 to load on my Vista. So I'll update this when I do all that. Bottom line is this thing works far better than I could even imagine. So far on WINDOWS XP. Be patient and follow directions twice.

REVIEW BY: libertyfolk Reviewed  Oct 11, 2009
It will not work on my Acer laptop. It must be the video card or processor. i am planning to try it on another device later.

REVIEW BY: Stan Reviewed  Oct 04, 2009
I might have just got a bad one, a lemon? Would have been nice if it worked so I can tell my cable company to take a hike, lol, seriously cable is bad and costly it's like I am paying to watch commercials! This retailer refunded me with no hassles and they paid to ship it back. Thank you once again... Stan (buffalo, NY)

REVIEW BY: UMAX40 Reviewed  Oct 03, 2009
Working with ntsc analog cable, I tried to make it work for a couple of days, with no success. Finally deleted the program and the driver and restarted following exactly the manual. And I finally got it to work. i have vista 64. As for the remote, it works perfectly. You have to use the extension that came with the tuner so that you can point at it with the remote.

REVIEW BY: Tom Reviewed  Sep 29, 2009
Works great, I am in Iraq and only get analog Took a few minutes to figure out how to change from digital to analog but once i did worked fine. Also remote worked good to.

REVIEW BY: Crazy Loner Reviewed  Sep 25, 2009
I have read other reviews about this product leaving me a bit skeptical, But i have ran this product on multiple systems without failure. Customer having issues need to read before installing this item. If you you unplug this item with pc powered on item will NOT reinitialize until You Reboot- If you have a cheap graphics card or subpar chipset insuffient memory this item will fail or cause issues. Please read IN Box before installing. If for some reason your cd fails try burning it to a regular sized cd as some drives will not read them smalller discs. If the sound fails, turn ''unit'' off and back on. I live out in the country and i pick up 23 digital and several FM Stations So I am happy. Hope This Helps!

REVIEW BY: depswajuju Reviewed  Sep 24, 2009
It appears to be a nice unit. Unfortunately, I could never get it to work-even downloaded 64 bit drivers from all stripes-no cigar. I don't think that they tested it completely. Don't order this if you need it to work in Vista Premium Home.

REVIEW BY: Rick Reviewed  Sep 23, 2009
Same experience as many of the other reviewers (whose reviews I should have looked at before getting carried away with the price) -- software wouldn't install in Windows, Sabrent support has yet to respond to my plea for help a week after I contacted them, and won't work under Linux. Based on my prior experiences with this retailer having all been great, I'll buy here again, but NEVER a Sabrent product.

REVIEW BY: mwfontan Reviewed  Sep 23, 2009
This is an older product, so it works much better with the OS and drivers that were most prevalent in 2005, namely Windows XP. I bought two, one for me, another for a colleague. The problems are with Vista, especially with the 64-bit version. I have not yet got that working, as instructions are lacking and the tech support is so far not that good. Definitely a good value for the money.

REVIEW BY: Clue Reviewed  Sep 20, 2009
Product worked just fine on my Acer laptop running XP. The only setback was the antenna that comes with the tuner,the reception was bad. Connected it to the house antenna and works like a charm. I get all of the digital channels in the area. Well worth the price.

REVIEW BY: who_me Reviewed  Sep 15, 2009
it works well 72 channels. i used nero8 home it works better then the program they sent. well worth the money spent.

REVIEW BY: Aazari Reviewed  Sep 15, 2009
I got this because I am moving cross country soon and didnt want to buy a TV to haul. I couldnt get it to work at all. It was tried on two machines running different operating systems and with three different antennas. Nothing I did made it function. Unlike others, it didnt lock up my machines. It just didnt get a single channel.

REVIEW BY: garyF Reviewed  Sep 07, 2009
good product to picup local digital on your laptop anywhere. as long as there is a digital channel in range, clear reception on your laptop. It can't be blamed for what is not there.

REVIEW BY: Steve Reviewed  Aug 27, 2009
Actually it worked for the first week, but then it stopped. Reistallation was blocked by mfg. software, tech support had no solution, and it's not heavy enough for a paperweight.

REVIEW BY: tate Reviewed  Aug 25, 2009
Installed it on my new Acer Aspire one netbook on Windows XP, and everything on it worked fine. The unit has a built-in infared sensor that communicates with the included remote; and this worked fine. The included battery in the remote was fresh as well. I hooked it up to my powered rabbit-ear antennae and it picked up 26 digital HD TV channels. Everything worked just perfectly. I initially shied away from this product after reading the negative reviews, then much later -after almost buying several others- came back to it and took a gamble: obviously the product works perfectly fine. Maybe the company fixed all previous problems, or maybe they had quality control problems, that caused all the negative reviews; but mine works just fine.

REVIEW BY: JJ Reviewed  Aug 21, 2009
I wish I could rave about this product...but, I can't. The disc that came with the product-which had the software/drivers on it, never worked. Came complete with error message. I went to the Sabrent site, and printed out manual directions. Still, nothing. I've contacted Sabrent via their website, asking simply for a new disc--have not heard one word back. They do offer drivers to download on their website, unfortunately, I'm a military member serving in Iraq right now, and the internet service- when I have access to it-- isn't fast enough for the download. I can only say that I certainly do NOT recommend this product or this company to anyone.

REVIEW BY: doug Reviewed  Aug 15, 2009

REVIEW BY: campershel Reviewed  Aug 03, 2009
got this, can't get it to work

REVIEW BY: Quicky Reviewed  Jul 18, 2009
I was unsure about this product after reading all the post, but after buying it, it really works, but had to do some research. The software that comes doesn't work well, so I downloaded kmplayer that is free and easier to work on. The remote,needs infrared port on the computer, it's not included. The redio works, but have to be setup. Haven't made it work with CADTV just CATV. Resolution decent but no HD.

REVIEW BY: rsiple Reviewed  Jun 11, 2009
I had a little trouble with setting it up but once set up it worked great. I am getting both analog and HD stations. I think the antenna could be better. The one it comes with is pretty small. I have mine hooked to cable and once I got ahold of what format my cable company was using, I got the free HD programming. All in all, I would give it about 4 and 1/2 stars. It would be 5 but the box says FM radio and there is nothing with the included software that had anything to with radio.

REVIEW BY: Steve Reviewed  May 29, 2009
I used this with XP - tried both a "xp home" laptop and an "xp pro" laptop. Same results with either. There seems to be a bug in the station search - it may get "stuck" and come back with few or no stations. The only way to fix is to change to analog and back to digital. This happens at otherr times too. The analog is essentailly unusable. ut who cares - it wil be gone in two weeks. Besides that bug - which is probably in the software - it seems to work fine and actually records quite well to disk. Performance is similar to a DTV convertor box I bought - so I guess it is ok. But NOT with the supplied antennas. They are essentially useless. But that is the nature of DTV - not this unit. You need a reasonable antenna even if you are sitting in Atlanta like I am. I was able to get some reception with the magnetic base antenna IF mounted on a large metal object for "ground" I guess.

REVIEW BY: john+ Reviewed  May 25, 2009
Could not make it work on cable. Instructions inadequate to say the least. Technical support for the birds.

REVIEW BY: whiterabbi Reviewed  May 16, 2009
analog works fairly well, June 12 it won't. digital not at all,don't work at all with Windows media player! the software does not come with it! spend more get more

REVIEW BY: Craig Reviewed  May 14, 2009
Remote arrived with dead battery. Seller refuses to assist. Sabrent said a replacement was on the way LAST MONTH.

REVIEW BY: TopCat Reviewed  May 07, 2009
I'm running this on a Dell Latitude D630 laptop, with Windows XP as the OS. I followed the installation guide and was watching free HDTV in minutes! I get about 14 stations over the airwaves, including ABC, NBC and CBS. This product is awesome!

REVIEW BY: LARRY Reviewed  Apr 25, 2009
This gaget is great...especially for the price. I am running it on an HP Pavillion with Vista and reception is perfect. Haven't even counted all the channels but I have it connected to cable. Great product, great service and shipped immediatly... good work TIGER !!!

REVIEW BY: MIKE Reviewed  Apr 12, 2009

REVIEW BY:  Reviewed  Apr 08, 2009
I just bought this product. I plugged it into my wall with a coaxial cable, and now i'm stuck. When I try to scan channel, I don't find anything. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Does anyone know?

REVIEW BY: MamaB Reviewed  Jan 23, 2009
I purchased this item 2 months ago. Running an HP Pavillion a1620n with Windows XP Media Center 2005 version and SP3. Everything works great except you have to be close to the tuner for the remote to work & I get no audio when trying to record. But hey, better than I expected for the price. I also tried it out on my hubby's PowerSpec w/Vista Home just as good there too. Now he wants one. I am concidering purchasing the internal card now for me and giving the pindrive to my husband. Anyone have experience with the internal PCI product?

REVIEW BY:  Reviewed  Jan 19, 2009
This does NOT WORK with Vista. The support for this product is non-existant. It is the WORST product I have ever bought here. I was forced to give it one star which is does NOT deserve. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT: you have been warned!

REVIEW BY:  Reviewed  Jan 15, 2009
The tuner works well and as advertised. In Ft. Lauderdale I get 24 channels with it. There is one problem, however. It does NOT work with the 64 bit version of Vista. I used it with XP and 32 bit Vista just fine but when I tried to install the drivers on my 64 bit laptop it wouldn't even recognize the drivers as drivers. No drivers were available from the support site.

REVIEW BY:  Reviewed  Jan 14, 2009
This thing works absolutely great on my Asus G1S notebook, except for two major flaws: One, you might need a laptop with a rotating display to get the full experience since the remote doesn't really work unless you're pointing directly at the receiver (which on my notebook connects behind the display), and two, the receiver itself may only fit into one USB slot, but it's so bulky it makes any slots above or below it unusable. Other than these flaws, the channels get picked up fine, the signal is what you'd expect from an antenna and it's perfect for travel.

REVIEW BY: FranklinF5 Reviewed  Dec 17, 2008
Don't complaint about this great HDTV Tuner . Everything works at 99 % even with the small antenna , you only have to move it until you get the best reception and that's all . The image in my laptop is a real HD image . To those people that say the remote is worthless I suggest that aim the remote to the TV Tuner not to the screen and SURPRISE it works really pretty . 39.99 is a Christmas present .

REVIEW BY: BAREBONEFO Reviewed  Nov 21, 2008
Be advised; this type of devices apparently were NOT made for XP...WARNED me that driver would make system unstable, support said ''install it anyways... next thing PC crashed! got a blue screen ''recovering from a serious error'', unistalled driver [back to normal], downloaded driver from site and tried again [same thing happened] wound up having to restore to a previous point! trying to return item was frustrating, device may be defective but they kept on arguing that it is my new PC what is wrong... definitly a bonk!

REVIEW BY: jlawry Reviewed  Oct 17, 2008
the units works okay, analog signal is not good even on cable but the digital signal is nice and clear. Replaced the external antenna with you 9 dollar antenna which works a lot better. The remote is worthless and doesn't work, I don't know why they even advertise it with it. I'm not the only one who has complained about the remote being worthless. Anyway, for the price it's all right, but accept the fact analog signal not that good and no remote....

REVIEW BY: greenie Reviewed  Oct 17, 2008
I was surpised how well this tiny antenna picked up my local stations! Face it, the thing is cheap! Some folks writing reviews are complaining about the thing not getting enough stations or advanced features...what do you expect for $39? I told myself I would be happy if it got only one I get a few more than I did with my old antenna. I cannot afford cable or satellite. This is a very cheap alternative. No, it's not the same as cable...but it costs $39. I took this device to a friend's house to see show her. It took some fidgeting and a different antenna, but it worked. She ordered one the next day. I don't have Vista, only Windows XP home w/SP2. Perhaps this usb thing doesn't work with other people's systems? I don't know, but, it does work for mine well enough. One big complaint from me is that the instructions are horrible! No idea how to use the features and no graphics. It would be nice to know how to use it other than just viewing

REVIEW BY:  Reviewed  Sep 21, 2008
I'm pretty happy with this device. Based on the reviews, I had low expectations for the remote and bundled antenna, but the tuner itself and the included software work great (using the Terk HD antenna). I set it up to run on three computers, and it set up on all three without a hitch - 2 XP machines and one Vista. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it runs on my older laptop, a Pentium M with 1 Gb RAM. The software down-converts the HDTV signal to screen rez, and it work fine. I have two main uses planned: my cable DVR doesn't hold much HD content, so I can record network programming on my PC and save the DVR for cable shows. Also, with winter coming, we'll have a couple of power failures, so I can watch TV on my laptops because my handheld Casio TV will be junk after February.

REVIEW BY: big jack Reviewed  Sep 18, 2008
Very easy to use and to my surprise no problem with it at all since i do have doubts since its price is much lower then the other guys on the tiger. Finally, got something useful and at a meanning bargin price. Know what i mean?

REVIEW BY: leo Reviewed  Sep 11, 2008
Super! Product works great! out of the box. Up to date CD-Software, easy to install. just like recording on an old vcr but in your PC! Looks like my son wants one for his own

REVIEW BY: Victor Reviewed  Dec 30, 2007
Product works great with one exception - the connector is a slip on type and my antenna and cable are both theaded. I asked at tiger if there was an adapter but they didn't know of one. I'll be returning it for something with a screw connector. Too bad 'cause it really works great. Much cheaper than a new tv.

REVIEW BY:  Reviewed  Dec 30, 2007
I am very unhappy with this product, and will attempt to return it. It could receive some of the closest ATSC stations, but not others. It couldn't pick up any NTSC stations nearby. The software will record, but lacks the ability to set a date for recording. The box says you can ''schedule TV recording'', but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how. I conclude it does NOT provide a scheduled recording feature. The remote control does not work. Period. I changed the batteries, but is just flat out didn't work. There must be a better product out there than this.

REVIEW BY: jeremiahlo Reviewed  Nov 18, 2007
The HDTV works great. I'm sure with an amplified antenna it'd work even better. I got an amazing 6 HDTV channels. However the analog tv portion of this product sucks. All of my 78 cable tv channels I would get would have this high pitched white noise no matter what. I tried different usb ports and different computers and usb hubs and different cables and it would always get this high pitched white noise when using the analog tv option. You get what you pay for, I guess. It is cheap.

REVIEW BY: sign man Reviewed  Oct 16, 2007
I have been quite satisfied with this product. The small antenna that comes with the unit lacks in the reception department, but when used with am amplified HD antenna it works very well. I am 45 miles away from the closest HD channel, and with the amplified antenna I receive 6 local channels. With the original equipment antenna I receive only two channels. When hooked up to my cable the channels are endless. I am very satisfied with this product. You get what you pay for and this product is well worth the price.
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Mfg Part No: TV-USBHD
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Shipping Weight: .6500 pound(s)
Limited Warranty:
12 months parts; 12 months labor
Limited Warranty: A full text version of the limited warranty may be obtained by mailing a self addressed, stamped envelope to the address below and requesting the warranty for item number: M501-1402
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