Revolv Universal Smart Home Automation Solution Kit. Compatible with Z-Wave and Insteon. Connects to Phillips Hue, WeMo, Nest, and Sonos.

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Revolv Smart Home Automation Solution Bundle Product Details

Revolv Smart Home Automation Solution Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

  • Revolv Universal Smart Home Automation Solution. Compatible with Z-Wave and Insteon. Connects to Phillips Hue, WeMo, Nest, and Sonos.
  • INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor - Up to 150ft from Nearest Access Point - 2842-222
  • INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module - Dual-Band, 2-Pin, LampLinc - 2457D2
  • INSTEON Wireless LED Light Bulb - 8 Watt (60W) Fully Dimmable, Simple plug & play. Controllable from Smart Phone (2672-222)

Revolv Smart Home Automation Solution - Qty:1

Revolv Smart Home Automation Controller
Automate your Home with Revolv. Automate your daily routine with the wireless smart devices you own and love using the Revolv Smart Home Solution. Revolv puts unified home automation in the palm of your hands by connecting all your favorite smart devices, including thermostats, speakers, locks, lights, and sensors and enables you to control them using a single app on your smartphone; home or away. With Revolv, you can easily automate your home from sensors, time, geo-location or preset on-demand triggers, allowing you to personalize your home automation setup to suit you and your family's lifestyle. Purchase the Revolv Smart Home Automation Controller today!


  • Control various home automation devices through one intuitive mobile app
  • Compatible with INSTEON, Z-Wave, Nest, Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue and Sonos
  • 7 built-in wireless radios that are able to speak 10 different wireless languages
  • Mobile app available for iOS through iTunes App Store (Android App expected mid-Q2 of 2014)
  • 4 action-controlled options: Motion, Time, GeoSense and Preset
  • Connects to home Wi-Fi network, no Ethernet connection needed
  • Automatic firmware updates keep Revolv smart


We love simplicity and great design. Using the free Revolv app, simply and elegantly control of all your devices, either individually or together as an Action. Devices can even control each other with Actions. You’ll love our sleek, intuitive, and streamlined user interface to control all of your favorite connected home devices.


Whether on vacation, planning a date night, or remotely controlling lights and locks, the ‘Home’ dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of all the devices in your home. With a quick glance, see your home’s current status, access and control all your favorite devices, or easily setup device-to-device automated actions around your lifestyle. Why can’t all the devices you love work together? Now they can.


Revolv enables you to harmonize multiple smart home products, allowing them to work in concert with each other. Now you can unify your smart home devices in one app, allowing them to communicate with one another without barriers.


  • Seamlessly bring together the top smart connected brands
  • Home/remote control of lights, locks, thermostats & more
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe & secure
  • Conserve energy automatically while away from home
  • Create customized experiences around your lifestyle


Once all of your devices are visible in the Revolv app, they can start interacting with each other based on automated ‘Actions’. These Actions enable any number of devices to operate together seamlessly based on a triggered event that you define. Revolv provides four types of Actions for you to customize:


Setup device control by double-tapping a single button in your Revolv home screen. You can even assign On Demand Actions to an Insteon Remote so you can control your home without your smartphone.


What’s In The Box

  • Revolv Smart Home Solution (Hub & iOS App)
  • Power Cable & 60 Second ‘Getting Started Guide’
  • Free lifetime service subscription
  • Free monthly updates for additional device support
  • Free future firmware updates to automatically activate new radios

INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor - Qty:1

Motion Sensor Wireless

Wireless INSTEON Motion and Occupancy Sensor
Save valuable energy and be eco-friendly with the Wireless Insteon Motion and Occupancy Sensor. This sensor helps you to automatically switch ON your lights and other appliances when you enter a room, laundry or garage and also switches OFF the appliances when you leave. You just need to link this sensor to a wall switch, plug-in lamps or appliances and the rest is done. Set your thermostat to your favorite comfort level and link it to this sensor and your thermostat starts working as soon as you enter your home. Also, you can set the motion sensitivity for flexible placement and optional night only mode allows you to keep your lights OFF during daytime. Purchase the great energy saver- Wireless Insteon Motion and Occupancy Sensor right now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Dusk / Dawn Sensor; makes sure that your porch light is OFF during dawn and ON during dusk
  • Paintable; the sensor is paintable and hence matches perfectly with your home décor
  • Low battery warning; notifies you in the form of LED flash when the batteries are low
  • Mounting bracket and 2 mounting screws included in the package; ensures ease of installation

Note: Requires Insteon Controller


  • Automatically turns on INSTEON-controlled lights or appliances when motion is detected
  • Automatically turns off after motion stops (adjustable anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 hours)
  • Optional night-only mode keeps lights from turning on during the day
  • Adjustable high/low motion sensitivity provides flexible placement
  • Adjustable day/night threshold
  • Optional dusk/dawn lighting control using a built-in photocell
  • Excellent range - up to 150' from nearest Access Point or other dual-band product
  • Award-winning INSTEON technology provides superior performance and reliability

Essential Info
Turn on your INSTEON-controlled lights or appliances when you enter the room and turn them off after you've left. Truly automating your lighting, this motion sensor is perfect for areas of your home such as the laundry room, closets and the garage where lights commonly get left on. Use this motion sensor for indoor or outdoor applications, and link it to a wall switch, plug-in lamps or appliances. You can even have the motion sensor trigger your thermostat to a favorite comfort level when you enter your home or any room in your house.

Additional features include an adjustable 'Off' countdown timer delay, night-only mode with adjustable light sensitivity settings, adjustable motion sensitivity, wireless range of up to 150', 40-foot field of vision and a pivoting mounting bracket. INSTEON Wireless Motion sensor is a must-have for any INSTEON home automation network as an addition that will make your life more convenient, fun and energy-efficient. A 9 Volt battery is required and included.

Please note that 2842-222 is the new product number of 2420M. The product and functionality are the same.

Required Accessory
Since the motion sensor only transmits RF signals, your home must have at least one Access Point or other dual-band product to interpret the command for controlling powerline only devices.

How It Works
When the sensor detects motion it sends a wireless RF signal to the nearest Access Point or other dual-band product (sold separately) which in turn relays the signal over your existing power wires to turn on linked devices such as lamps or wall switches. After a selectable time of no motion, the sensor turns those same lights (or appliances) off.

The motion sensor also features a secondary dusk / dawn control feature that is accessible with computer controllers such as HouseLinc or ISY-99. It allows you to set a device or group of devices to activate when the photocell detects a change in light or dark conditions for more than 3.5 minutes. Great for automatically controlling landscape lighting and more.

Optional Power Supply
A Plug-In 9-Volt Power Supply (Battery Eliminator) can be used in place of a 9 Volt battery, eliminating the cost and trouble of regularly replacing the battery. To install, just notch a small hole using a file or shear on the Motion Sensor battery door (for the power supply wire) and plug it in.

Note About PIR Sensors
As with all PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensors, there are certain factors which can cause detection range / reliability to vary. Because PIR sensors rely on changes in heat to detect motion, be aware of the following factors that can effect PIR reliability when choosing a location to mount your INSTEON Motion Sensor:

  • Rapid environmental changes
  • Direct sunlight
  • Direct wind from a heater or A/C
  • Fireplaces

  • Also, please note that certain types of treated glass may or may not act as an infrared 'wall' through which a motion sensor can detect. If you want to detect motion through glass, we recommend you test it in your particular application. Note: Any accumulation of ice, snow or dirt on the Fresnel lens may also interfere with the motion sensor’s ability to detect motion.

      More Info

    Never Leave Another Light On Again

    INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor is a great energy-saver: Your lights will turn on when you enter and automatically turn off after you leave, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your lights on. Also, INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor has a built-in photocell, so it can be disabled during the day. If daylight is enough to light your house during the day, Motion Sensor can leave the lights off, even when motion is detected. Using Motion Sensor to limit the amount of time lights are on, is a great first step towards saving energy and protecting the environment.

    Unlock More Motion Sensor Options with HouseLinc
    Get HouseLinc and you'll be able to make adjustments to the INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor without having to touch it again. These adjustments include:

    • Delay - Change the Off duration to anywhere between 30 seconds up to 2 hours.
    • Indicator Intensity - Controls the LED indicator brightness. This is good when you have the motion sensor in a bedroom and don't want the distraction of the red LED when it's being activated.
    • Ambient Light - Adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors photocell (light sensor). This allows you to set the amount of light the motion sensor is required to see before transmitting a command.

    Dusk / Dawn Photocell Sensor
    Save energy by ensuring lights are off at dawn or turn your porch lights on at dusk with INSTEON Motion Sensor's dusk / dawn feature. When used with supported INSTEON software or an INSTEON automation controller, Motion Sensor can also be used as a dusk/dawn sensor. After it has been bright for 3 and a half minutes, Motion Sensor will send an Off command for its 'Group 2', which can be used to turn off lights and appliances or trigger a software event. Conversely, it will send an On command after it has been dark for 3 and a half minutes.

    Low Battery Warning
    Get notified when it's time to change the battery. INSTEON Motion Sensor has 2 methods of indicating the battery life is low:

    • LED double-flashes after motion is detected (even if LED is disabled)
    • On command is sent to 'Group 3', which can be utilized with INSTEON software or an INSTEON automation controller

    For extended battery life, consider purchasing a 9V Lithium battery which can extend battery life by 4 times.

    If you have a need for the motion sensor to activate many links, using HouseLinc, ISY-99 or other INSTEON computer controller that supports this product can extend battery life.

    Motion Sensor has been manufactured with a surface that can be painted to blend in with your home décor. This gives you the ability to decide exactly what color will give your motion sensor installation that professional finished look. Please note, it is recommended that you protect the Fresnel lens during the painting process. Any excess paint or residue may cause motion sensor to operate improperly.

    INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module - Qty:1

    Lamp Dimming Module Dimmer

    LampLinc 2457D2 INSTEON Plug-In Dimmer Module
    The INSTEON LampLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band) is a full-featured plug-in lamp dimmer that can be remotely controlled by a RemoteLinc, KeypadLinc, or any other INSTEON controller. This simple-to-use plug-in LampLinc 2457D2 INSTEON PlugIn Dimmer Module has advanced features like an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on, a preset dim level that stores your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels when turning the lamp on initially, as well as local control, so you can still use the lamp's built-in switch to turn the light on and off. This LampLinc is made to be plugged into any wall outlet. This LampLinc 2457D2 INSTEON PlugIn Dimmer Module can control incandescent loads up to 300 watts.

    Note: Requires Insteon Controller


    • Control a light remotely, turning it on and off and adjusting brightness levels
    • Full local control (Dim/Bright, On/Off)
    • Incorporate a lamp into multiple lighting design scenes in minutes
    • Transmits and receives INSTEON commands via powerline and RF
    • Doubles as an Access Point
    • Award-winning INSTEON technology: the ultimate in simplicity and reliability
    Protective Case
    Essential Info
    The INSTEON LampLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band) is a full-featured plug-in lamp dimmer that can be remotely controlled by a Mini Remote, KeypadLinc, or any other INSTEON controller. This simple-to-use plug-in dimmer has advanced features like an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on, a preset dim level that stores your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels when turning the lamp on initially, as well as local control, so you can still use the lamp's built-in switch to turn the light on and off. This LampLinc is made to be plugged into any wall outlet. This dimmer can control incandescent loads up to 300 watts.

    Until now, lamp and appliance controllers only received INSTEON signals via the powerline. Now with the dual-band LampLinc you not only receive RF commands directly from any RF INSTEON component (Mini Remote, Thermostat adapter) but the device doubles as an Access Point - relaying RF and powerline signals to other INSTEON-compatible devices in the home.

    Never come home to a dark house again: Install HouseLinc - INSTEON Desktop Software on your computer to schedule any LampLinc or any other INSTEON-compatible device to turn on or off at any specific time or even at sunrise and sunset.

      More Info

    Easy To Install

    The LampLinc is easy to plug-in and set up that you'll want to add LampLinc dimmers to all of your lamps. Just unplug the lamp, plug the lamp into the bottom outlet of the dimmer, and plug in the dimmer where the lamp was plugged in. Link the dimmer to an INSTEON controller using the Plug & Tap programming method, and you'll be able to turn the lamp on and off, brighten and dim.

    Brightness Levels
    You can adjust the brightness level of the controlled lamp by pressing and holding the on or off button of an INSTEON controller. The brightness level can also be adjusted on the module via the Up/Down buttons. Adjusting brightness levels is especially helpful when you want to create a theatrical experience when watching your favorite movie. Use a Mini Remote or pair your universal remote control with an IRLinc, and you won't even have to leave the comfort of your couch to dim the light. When you turn on the LampLinc dimmer, it automatically comes on to full brightness. Setting the preset on level will make the dimmer stop at your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels. With software you can control brightness levels in one percent increments for ultimate flexibility. This is a great feature for your bedroom to set the mood.

    Adjustable Ramp Rate
    Adjust the speed at which the controlled light turns on or off, also known as the ramp rate. For example, you may want the lamp in the kids' room to turn on instantly so you can see where you're walking. Alternatively, you may want the lamp in the master bedroom to ramp up in a soft, gentle fashion so that you're not blinded when you wake up in the morning. The ramp rate is adjustable between 0.1 seconds and 9 seconds if programmed locally; this can be done by using the convenient Up/Down buttons located on the module. The ramp rate can extend up to 8 minutes (for a simulated sunrise or sunset) if programmed remotely. This is a great addition to your morning alarm, slowly turning the light on to help you wake up. If you have programmed a slow ramp rate and want to make the lamp come on instantly, simply double tap the controller's on button. To turn the light off quickly, double tap the controller's off button.

    Red/Green Status LED
    The Status LED is used for setup programming. It is now located at the top of the module for easier viewing when programming or troubleshooting.

    Create Multi-Way Circuits
    Want to be able to synchronize a wall switch with your lamp so that when your recessed lights are controlled at the switch, your floor lamp follows along? You can do it with INSTEON. Simply link your LampLinc with an INSTEON-compatible wall switch and in seconds you're done.

    Scene Lighting
    Scenes allow you to set unique lighting levels across multiple lights and trigger them with a single command. Because the LampLinc can be a member of more than 400 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.), you'll be able to launch various lighting scenarios with a single button press on any INSTEON controller. These are elegant features usually found only in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. All scene member lights can ramp to your independently desired brightness levels at your chosen ramp rate(s), so one set of lights can dim slowly while another set turns off instantly, all controlled with one command from one button.

    Non-Volatile Memory
    All LampLinc Dimmer settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures. Additionally, in the event of a power loss, the LampLinc Dimmer's lamp will return to its last brightness level when power is restored.

    Smarthome stands behind the entire INSTEON LampLinc line of products with a full 2-year warranty.

    INSTEON LED Bulb- Controlable from Smart Phone - Qty:1

    Light Dim Wireless
    You will need one of the following to use this product:

    Insteon Wireless LED Bulb 8 Watt Fully Dimmable
    Remotely control the power consumption at your home with the Insteon Wireless LED Bulb 8 Watt Fully Dimmable. It gives brightness equal to a 60W incandescent bulb and has a life span of up to 52000 hours. This LED bulb can be fully controlled by the Insteon controllers without changing any switch or adding any modules. It can be also linked to many types of sensors such as motion sensors and door sensor for an impressive effect. You can also link your Smartphone with the Insteon hub and control the entire lighting at your home. Get the Insteon Wireless LED Bulb 8 Watt Fully Dimmable now!

    What It Is And Why You Need It:

    • Networked dimmable light bulb; allows you to control the bulb remotely with various Insteon controller and even with your Smartphone
    • 8W LED bulb; gives bright light equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb
    • Up to 52,000 hour life; last long and makes it reliable for your home
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