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 Reviewed by: Goldenday on Jun 13, 2013
 my motherbord has served me very well thank you.
 as a player of Diablo III I realized I had to have a beast of a machine. when playing I had to upgrade my video card but it was totally worth it. quite the bulletproof system you have here guys thank you for your shopping experience. Ill keep pwning daemons with these motherboards for quite some time. It was the 1st machine I put together. did it mostly by my self fried a ram stick or two but it all worked out in the end.
 Reviewed by: Bill Fisher on Jun 06, 2013
 Can't even remember how long I've been a loyal customer
 I've used Tiger Direct for my online purchases as long as I can remember. I cannot think of a single instance where I wasn't completely satisfied. Their customer support on ''CHAT'' and direct on telephone are both efficient, cheerful and most importantly the get the job done when you need help. I don't even bother going elsewhere if it's available here. I've bought everything from phones to cameras, computers, monitors, memory, printers, software...the full gamut. They ship quickly, their prices are almost always the lowest but even if they're a couple dollars more I'll pay it to know I will be treated right. It's the trust factor that does it with me.
 Reviewed on: Jun 06, 2013
 First Time Buyer!
 I was extremely impressed with how cheap the prices are on this website compared to others. My order was processed and shipped the day I confirmed my order, and I received my shipment the next day without putting a rush on the package. Definitely will be buy from TigerDirect.com in the future.
 Reviewed by: cabbie on Jun 02, 2013
 Superior Customer Service
 This past Friday I started a new job which required my gps and a company provided tablet. Everything possible went wrong. The tablet would not hold a charge. And my gps was not working correctly. David D. at your Schaumburg store came to the rescue. He suggested the most cost effective cables and connectors. He not only charged my ''dead'' tablet in the store. My vehicle did not have the output to bring it from death. But also charged my gps. When the gps seemed doomed. David sold me a reasonably priced refurb unit.
 Reviewed on: May 21, 2013
 First time buyer and future business
 I tried TigerDirect for the first time buying my barebone kit. The products arrived earlier than the scheduled delivery date and so far, all of my rebates have been approved. I will definitely continue to use TD for my computer needs.
 Reviewed by: jesword on May 16, 2013
 Found what I was looking for
 Shopped at Clearwater store and they had the disc and labels I needed
 Reviewed on: May 11, 2013
 My New Favorite Store (Clearwater, FL and Online)
 Tiger Direct is my new favorite store. I shop both online and in the Clearwater, Florida location. One of the big differences is the customer service -- which is unparalleled. Here's some examples. I needed a new monitor for my PC. I found a model online I liked, but wanted to see it in person, so headed down to Tiger Direct in Clearwater. Well, I'm glad I did. With the help of the service person, Aron, I got a much better model (with IPS) for only $10 more. When a refurb PC purchased online was not configured with the RAM as advertised, Tiger Direct online customer service chat made it right -- and delivered in 3 days. In the last few weeks, I have basically updated my home office with Tiger Direct. Computer, monitor, printer, back-UPS -- every buying experience in the Clearwater store and online has been a pleasure. Thank you, Tiger Direct!
 Reviewed by: Antonio on May 07, 2013
 the best
 I Always Get The Best Service Here From EveryWhere I Have Been Its My Store ToShop.
 Reviewed by: Lori on May 07, 2013
 Best tech service EVER!!
 This is in regards to the location on Elston and Logan in Chicago, which this happened yesterday afternoon, 5/6/13: My work computer is one of those all-in-ones where it's more like a giant tablet with a disc drive and you plug in a keyboard and mouse to it. The screen died (more in a minute), and I was all like FFFFFUUUU__________!!! Beyond that, I use Outlook to schedule my appointments (I work for myself), and I had no idea where I was supposed to be going today (I print a new schedule each morning, so I knew about yesterday at least). So I raced to TigerDirect to see if they could figure out how to at least get the computer onto a new monitor so I could see my stuff and perhaps write everything down. Thankfully, the screen didn't *completely* die, just the backlight, so under the super bright lights at the store, they were actually able to see, on a tilt, my stuff if you looked really hard. Now they built this computer to NOT offer a second monitor, so after 1-1/2 hours of work, with a lot of squinting, they were able to add a driver and install this VGA part so I could do a second monitor. And get this: All that work... they did it for FREE! Just had me pay for the part, which was $65 w/tax. And that was with THREE techs trying to figure out how to help me! And yes, before I left, they left the part plugged into the USB so I didn't have to worry about setting up when I got home, and they let me come behind the counter to write down my schedule just in case. Yes, I'm shouting that level of customer service to the rooftops! WTG TigerDirect! (Oh and BTW, screw Outlook. I moved everything over to gmail so I'll never be put in that situation ever again!)
 Reviewed by: PatSull on May 03, 2013
 Where to shop? Tiger Direct
 I have shopped at Brand X, however it was not until I went into the Sawgrass store in Sunrise that I was really impressed. Right when you walk in, an experienced staff doing computer repairs right there out in the open. Why shop some where else!
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Service and Price.
I'm a first time buyer and will definitely use TigerDirect again. I did not ask for next service but that's what I got. I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday! The packaging was very secure. I bought the computer as a travel computer - sort of a cheap alternative to my main work laptop. The reconditioned computer from TIGERDIRECT exceeded my expectations.
By Eville

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