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 Reviewed by: jorge on Aug 06, 2013
 super great placet to go i like ther products and there really bad some time on the time it take to pay but I love tigerdirect
 Reviewed by: drilongo on Jul 08, 2013
 Exceeded expectations
 A couple of weeks ago I bought a desktop at the OBT store. Moeen Masri (sales ID ST7E0001) was the sales rep who helped me choose the PC and he exceeded expectations for explaining the product details patiently and helping me decide. Great shopping experience and amazing computer at home! :-D
 Reviewed by: Anonymous on Jul 08, 2013
 Very Reliable
 I have been a TigerDirect customer/dealer client for years. I have purchased items through their coprporate site for dealers and also got just as good if not better sometime through the regular TigerDirect.com site as well. Thier return servie and customer service departments have always been excellent. I would recommend them to everyone who is interested in quality service at reasonable pricing.
 Reviewed by: lala3385 on Jun 23, 2013
 Chris Gomez, Jefferson, GA, is the best!
 Never in my life have I had an experience so awesome. I recently had an issue with my laptop. I ended up getting in touch with Chris Gomez at the Jefferson, GA store. He assured me that everything would be taken care of and that he would help me. I was so amazed at all he did to live up to his promise! The entire time we were there, people were asking his help. He was able to help everyone and still make us feel important. He and his staff went over and above to help us. He sis everything before we left. He was so patient and helpful. He was so knowledgeable and made my horrible nightmare an amazing experience! I will only buy from this store! Thank you so much Chris!
 Reviewed by: P.H.B. III on Jun 23, 2013
 Above and Beyond Customer Service
 I went to several stores looking for some items and decided to go to The Dadeland Tiger Store to finish off my shopping there. I was looking for an item that was hard to find and out of stock in the other stores. One of the managers on duty Rick Ferguson assisted me. He offered to let me have the keyboard on display as it was the only one left and I needed it. He got me the box and all it's contents from the storeroom and inspected it to make sure everything was there he also helped out by searching the entire store up and down for an adapter I needed badly. He really put a lot of effort into making sure I was happy and that my shopping experience went smoothly and pleasantly. I would recommend him to anyone that shops Dadeland TigerDirect. In my opinion he is a top-notch manager.
 Reviewed by: Max on Jun 18, 2013
 Great Gaming Tech
 I took my son into The Tiger Direct store to build a gaming computer. My tech Ronnie E. was extremely helpful and understanding. He realized quickly that we really did not know what we were looking for and help us pick out a machine that was perfect in features and price range. We could have made a costly mistake had Ronnie not took the time to ask my son questions and assess what he was looking for. I can honestly say we received highly satisfied service. Can't wait to come back in and shop during the holidays
 Reviewed by: JANNI on Jun 16, 2013
 Making things right :)
 I ordered a refurbished laptop on the 22nd of a month and received it on the 24th. I anticipated that it might look previously owned but it was in perfect condition. Only issue was that it came with a different operating system than what I ordered. I called and spoke with Daniel, a supervisor He asked to allow him time to interface with the 3rd party and I gladly complied with this request. After a week, he had not obtained a response from the third party and agreed to make it right by sending the operating system that I ordered. I was truly impressed with the professionalism and desire to ensure a happy customer. I am that! I will certainly use Tiger Direct in the future. Many people told me to go there for my purchase and i did so. All their positive remarks were spot on and I will spread the word. Thank you, Daniel and Tiger Direct!
 Reviewed by: Goldenday on Jun 13, 2013
 my motherbord has served me very well thank you.
 as a player of Diablo III I realized I had to have a beast of a machine. when playing I had to upgrade my video card but it was totally worth it. quite the bulletproof system you have here guys thank you for your shopping experience. Ill keep pwning daemons with these motherboards for quite some time. It was the 1st machine I put together. did it mostly by my self fried a ram stick or two but it all worked out in the end.
 Reviewed by: Bill Fisher on Jun 06, 2013
 Can't even remember how long I've been a loyal customer
 I've used Tiger Direct for my online purchases as long as I can remember. I cannot think of a single instance where I wasn't completely satisfied. Their customer support on ''CHAT'' and direct on telephone are both efficient, cheerful and most importantly the get the job done when you need help. I don't even bother going elsewhere if it's available here. I've bought everything from phones to cameras, computers, monitors, memory, printers, software...the full gamut. They ship quickly, their prices are almost always the lowest but even if they're a couple dollars more I'll pay it to know I will be treated right. It's the trust factor that does it with me.
 Reviewed on: Jun 06, 2013
 First Time Buyer!
 I was extremely impressed with how cheap the prices are on this website compared to others. My order was processed and shipped the day I confirmed my order, and I received my shipment the next day without putting a rush on the package. Definitely will be buy from TigerDirect.com in the future.
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I'm a first time buyer and will definitely use TigerDirect again. I did not ask for next service but that's what I got. I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday! The packaging was very secure. I bought the computer as a travel computer - sort of a cheap alternative to my main work laptop. The reconditioned computer from TIGERDIRECT exceeded my expectations. (by Eville, September 07, 2013)
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