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 Reviewed by: James334 on Oct 07, 2004
 Service goes along way
 I've been shopping IT companies for several years, from newegg, tech data, cdw, and of course Tiger. 9 out of 10 times sales people are really pushy and arrogant. I'm happy to say that Tiger goes a long way when it comes to Sales & Good Service, I've spoken to 2 sales people in the past week Migel and Markos extension 05908 and they've
 Reviewed by: Ron on Oct 07, 2004
 Advueu 1701T Monitor $199...What a deal!!!
 The recent purchase of my Advueu 17
 Reviewed by: JanR on Oct 07, 2004
 TigerDirect.com is wonderful
 For several years now, my family and I have ordering from TigerDirect. I can't say enough for the courtesy and help by your staff. No matter how I mess up an order, they can straighten it out in very short other. And the Delivery service blows me away, sometimes my order arrives the very next day. Unbelievable! Thank you staff, I really appreciate being treated so politely and quickly. TigerDirect is one of my very best places to shop.
 Reviewed by: Bill on Oct 07, 2004
 thank you
 I just want to say thank to Charles (Ext 5701) for the very good service he gave me. thanks again.
 Reviewed by: robbie6982 on Oct 05, 2004
 Never Problems
 I know many people are hesitant to shop online , as I was, But fear not! Tiger direct is safe, secure and accurate. And if you ever do have a problem for the most part there customer seervice is fast and friendly. And you cant beat there prices!
 Reviewed by: Tomotacus on Oct 05, 2004
 Best Notebook Deal Ever!!!
 I was just browsing around not really shopping for a new notebook until I saw this Gem of a Deal. I was in the Open Box area when I ran into a SUPER DEAL. I purchased a HP Pavilion zd7005qv notebook computer for the OUTRAGEOUS price of $599.00 after shipping it came to only $626.00. I love my new notebook. It had all of the hardware, just shy of all of the manuals... which I downloaded off of HP and came with HP recertification and full warranty. Shop around. You can't beat this deal. Happy shopping to you.
 Reviewed by: brij on Oct 04, 2004
 Best Deals
 I always find the best deals on tigerdirect. They are just great.
 Reviewed by: Mainehawk on Oct 04, 2004
 Only Place to Shop
 I have been purchasing parts and equipment from TigerDirect for several years now. I have found NO other place that has the ease and selection as this company has. Customer service has answered any and every question I've had. Shipments are prompt and I've NEVER had a problem in receiving any rebates. As far as I'm concerned, all of my computer business (and several of my counterparts) will be done through TigerDirect ONLY!! Thank You TigerDirect.
 Reviewed by: Germann1 on Oct 04, 2004
 The best source, as always...
 I have been using Tigerdirect for years. I've never been let down, not serviced when I have a problem, and always received what I've ordered working and clean. The sales are phenominal, and the the service always gets better each time I order. Keep it up.
 Reviewed by: Daniel on Oct 04, 2004
 Tiger Direct is consistently awesome!!!
 I, and my entire family, have been customers of Tiger Direct since they first started. The orange and black tiger striped boxes have disappeared over the years, but the already great service has improved!! I always purchase computer parts from a single vendor in case I run into trouble. Tiger Direct has such good prices and extremely large variety that I can purchase everything I need from Tiger. Recently, I did run into trouble with my computer parts, and a friendly Tiger Direct person resolved the issue completely and in less than five minutes. With this level of service, the rock-bottom prices are unnecessary--but they are appreciated!!
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I'm a first time buyer and will definitely use TigerDirect again. I did not ask for next service but that's what I got. I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday! The packaging was very secure. I bought the computer as a travel computer - sort of a cheap alternative to my main work laptop. The reconditioned computer from TIGERDIRECT exceeded my expectations. (by Eville, September 07, 2013)
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