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 Reviewed on: Oct 09, 2004
 Buying from Tiger Direct
 While Tiger Direct doesn't have the lowest prices and won't match the lowest prices I still like to purchase from Tiger Direct due to customer support. I have had many experiences purchasing and the only time there was a problem with the product, Tiger Direct was availble, supportive, efficient and fast in making things right.
 Reviewed by: bill on Oct 09, 2004
 hp zd7005qv notebook
 I bought this notebook about 6 months ago and I been very satisfied with notebook, it's price and service of shipping it here quickly. Thank you
 Reviewed by: Notebook Freak on Oct 09, 2004
 Sweet Notebook and Great Customer Service
 I bought this refurbished emachines m6805 notebook and got a great price on this AWESOME machine! It does everything I wanted it to do, even plays doom3 with ease. It's great. But even more important than the great laptop is the GREAT customer service I received from TigerDirect! When I first received the notebook, I noticed that it had 2 stuck pixels. I had never run into this problem before, but it turns out that this is very common. And, it is also very common for sellers to take the attitude of
 Reviewed by: garp54 on Oct 08, 2004
 It's nice to have a company I can, without reservation, recommend.
 TigerDirect is my response to any who ask where to go for good deals. Their prices are always good, and when not the best, it's usually a matter of determining the low cost seller's scam (reading the fine print, determining what's not included among the things typically included). I have never been disappointed with a purchase from TigerDirect, though I don't know how they deal with problems, there haven't been any, my intuition tells me they're growing their business through good performance and excellent customer service. I've made a good number of purchases, I take their superior performance for granted. It's a really neat thing to have nothing but good things to say about an on-line company, I count on them, I'm submitting this to support their efforts, because I want them to continue.
 Reviewed by: Keen on Oct 08, 2004
 Refurb Compaq 3045
 I bought a Compaq 3045 laptop at a great price, around $1100.00, but as soon as I tried to log in to the internet, I discovered it had the Blaster Worm. After numerous recovery efforts, I called Compaq Support and went through several reformats over a period of 6 weeks, finally having to write over the hard drive and downloading patches using another PC before I could finally get it online to download all the MSN patches it needed. Because the 30 days had passed,(it took 6 weeks of working on it at night) Compaq support wanted to charge me for support during this time. I finally fixed it but now I know why it had been returned and although it took alot of work and time on my part, it works great now so sometimes a great deal might cost you in other ways. I beleive that the Compaq factory recertification process was flawed in missing the virus in the first place. I know their Tech Support moved to India, but did their manufacturing move too? KCBrock
 Reviewed by: Cyndi B. on Oct 08, 2004
 Great products, prices and services
 In the past year I have bought a new laptop, digital camera and all components necessary to build a pc. All items sent to me were exactly what I had ordered, none were broken and the shipping was very timely. It is very hard to find a vendor that sells items as cheaply as Tiger Direct does. I am very satisfied with my past purchases and can guarantee that my future hardware purchases will be through Tiger Direct as well.
 Reviewed by: spdolan on Oct 08, 2004
 Compaq Presario Laptop
 Overall, an excellent deal. Though they forgot to ship a power cable, they rectified the situation immediately and with good communication. I am very happy with Tiger Direct, and continue to use them for all my computer needs.
 Reviewed by: pigpen1973 on Oct 08, 2004
 Great Laptop, Great Site
 I've had my eMachines M6805 for 2 months now, and I couldn't be happier, watching DVDs playing games(UT2004, Doom III, Sims 2), everything works like a champ on this thing!!! Already looking to make my next purchase. Thanks again TigerDirect!
 Reviewed by: James on Oct 08, 2004
 TigerDirect is my one stop store for computers and supplies!
 I've been shopping at TigerDirect for several years, and it's the only place I need to go for all my computer needs. I am responsible for purchasing and upgrading all the computers where I work, so I need to have a place where I can shop that I trust. Their prices and services are unbeatable anywhere! Whether it's a laptop desktop or parts to upgrade an existing system I can always find what I need here and at the best prices.
 Reviewed by: phyllis on Oct 08, 2004
 great prices and service
 In the last year I have purchased an emachine and three laptops from Tiger, all of which are great. Recently I recommended Tiger to a friend of mine, Theresa Davis, and she purchased a laptop and external floppy drive. I recommend Tiger to anyone that I know is looking for computers or accessories. Phyllis Montgomery
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I'm a first time buyer and will definitely use TigerDirect again. I did not ask for next service but that's what I got. I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday! The packaging was very secure. I bought the computer as a travel computer - sort of a cheap alternative to my main work laptop. The reconditioned computer from TIGERDIRECT exceeded my expectations. (by Eville, September 07, 2013)
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