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 Reviewed by: tcamp17 on Dec 02, 2004
 I have just purchased a monitor that was listed as a famous brand which turned out to be a sceptre. I have seen these monitors at twice the price!!! Outstanding purchase. Tiger Direct thank you for the great and I mean great deal!!
 Reviewed by: Riddick on Nov 30, 2004
 Top of the line
 Tiger Direct was great. Providing top of the line customer service and very quick email response. My item was shipped in and arrived on time. Thank you TD!
 Reviewed by: budman95945 on Nov 28, 2004
 Tiger is AWESOME
 Not only are the prices the LOWEST anywhere, these people really know the meaning of customer service. Top notch pros from the word go. They are my one stop shopping site for ALL my computer needs. This is my 3rd purchase and NOT my last. Keep up the good work.
 Reviewed by: Mark on Nov 27, 2004
 Tiger is just flat out AWESOME
 Tiger is just flat out AWESOME, End of testimonial...........
 Reviewed by: Richard on Nov 27, 2004
 TigerDirect is awesome, and so are their systemax desktops!
 I had bought a Systemax system about two and a half years ago now. And I have to say...their Tech support is BEYOND belief! They walked me through simple diagnostic steps, and when necessary, had a tech guy COME TO MY HOME and replace the faulty part for me! Once, when the problem just could not be figured out, I had to ship the PC to their repair site (IN THE UNITED STATES! Another plus!!!). Within days, I got a call telling me what they thought the problem was, and they fixed it and returned the desktop to me...all at no additional charge! That was a year and a half ago...since then, the PC has been problem free, and actually runs FASTER, AND than a newer,
 Reviewed by: speedo on Nov 25, 2004
 Grade, overall = 4.0++
 For 3+ years Ive been a TD customer, and have referred a lot of my friends there. Im a fussy type and they have handled my whine-list with greatness. It's rewarding that they must train their staff in handling the grumpy types along with the smiley faces. UNBEATABLE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! If you chose to buy elsewhere, good luck... you may well need it, and more.
 Reviewed by: niddub on Nov 24, 2004
 tiger works for you
 I had problems with Soyo product and Soyo rebate. (NOTE: I never had problems with rebates directly from Tiger) Overnight Tiger got back to me and contacted Soyo. Tiger is also contacting Soyo for me. Very few mail order places work for their customers like this. When I get my rebates I will be using them at Tiger.
 Reviewed by: Brandon on Nov 22, 2004
 Great Service
 TigerDirect.com has to be the best online computer parts store ever. Everything I have ever ordered from them is the best quality it can be. I do however have problems with them shipping with only UPS.
 Reviewed by: Al on Nov 20, 2004
 Quick Shipment of Orders
 In the past few months I have ordered a laptop computer, 19 inch LCD monitor and a video card. I have been impressed with your speedy delivery of the items I have ordered, all within two days.
 Reviewed by: a happy customer on Nov 18, 2004
 Awsome Simpliy Awsome!
 TigerDirect is The best place ever to get great deals on computers . i look out for the catalog every month its just great & plus it shipes here without problem. TigerDirect is Simpliy Awsome .
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I'm a first time buyer and will definitely use TigerDirect again. I did not ask for next service but that's what I got. I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday! The packaging was very secure. I bought the computer as a travel computer - sort of a cheap alternative to my main work laptop. The reconditioned computer from TIGERDIRECT exceeded my expectations. (by Eville, September 07, 2013)
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