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 Reviewed on: Aug 24, 2011
 19'' flat screen pc monitor
 I ordered my monitor at 8:30 at night and recieved it by 10:ooam the next morning. You guys are great! Thanks a lot guys for your great sirvice.
 Reviewed by: Gbby1947 on Aug 15, 2011
 I have been doing business with Tiger so long, I don't remember when I started. I always get great customer service & great deals! Rather it questions on a product before I decide to buy or Tech questions & get transferred to right department. Even returns. Once I brought a product & tried with out success! To get the manufacturer, to respond. I talk to Tiger customer service about my problem & they took care of it. By RMA. because of the trouble I had, they restock it, with no re-stocking fee. Tiger tigerrific! Go Tiger for all your needs! Oh Yes! I get my order in 2 or 3 days right to my door, (saves me, 70 miles RT & gas & no traffic or crowds to fight) if I order in the early morning, since I am a night owl (I am up til wee hours ). So why shop any where else!
 Reviewed by: Gbby1947 on Aug 15, 2011
 Logitech K120, wired keyboard
 I have found, the logitech Ki20 wired keyboard, is quite durable, I spend a lot of time at my PC, so I eat, drink. so I also, drop, spill food & drink on it. (why I buy cheap keyboard) one day I decide try & rinse off the keyboard I took to kitchen sink & holding upside (horizontally), I took the sprayer, with hot water & sprayed it at at angle, I sprayed it end to end several times. took it & tapped it across my leg till no more water came off & put in front of my box fan over night. Then tapped a few times, & plugged it in to see if in still worked & it did. so I did the same thing, to my other one, which I replaced because it longer function. It now also works. These are low priced (cheap) keyboards. So Logitech K120, is durable. for this reason,I would buy again.
 Reviewed by: JROCKS94 on Aug 12, 2011
 Price Watch / Prep for Spring 2012 PC DT DIY Build
 I was referred to TD by long-term customers who give TD rave reviews! I'm saving for a new rig. TD is providing me HW info & guidance to reach my vision rig: A quality-based, zippy and very scaleable machine capable of fast refresh & read-write rates, doing gaming, heavy media and graphics, as well as heavy fundamental use of iLife apps home & biz management incl social media & networking, eMail, Photos, etc). My quest began because I so want to seamlessly run Deviant Art's Rain Meter Win 7 desktop replacement app, as well as a Linux distro. Specs I seek: ATX w/ 3 PCI E slots, easily accessible Firewire & eSata ports; runs cool, silent and energy-star efficient -- high-end functionality at high-end budget prices ($700.00 total w/OS & LED monitor). Tiger Direct's equipment selection reveals how I can best accomplish these goals. I realize this is a long time in advance of my actual purchase, but I figure as I plan and learn this process I can reasonable expect to convert from a low-end great little Toshiba Satellite L505D & an Apple 500 MHz PB & an HP Media Center laptops to this robust rig in a matter of a few days with little down time, frustration. That's all from me until future HW releases change the PC build environment and the time draws closer to green-light this project.
 Reviewed by: vet72 on Aug 04, 2011
 Had a minor glitch with an order from tiger direct and contacted customer service. A young man by the name of David ext 5940 was extremely helpful and solved my problem with a great deal of efficiency and little fanfare. Have always had a great shopping experience with TD. Keep up the good work
 Reviewed by: xfaqtor on Aug 02, 2011
 I keep coming back for more!
 I discovered Tiger Direct by accident about 8 years ago and it was the BEST accident ever!! Since finding Tiger Direct, I always check their prices, inventory and availability first. I have purchased 2 desktop computers, several memory modules and a wireless keyboard and mouse set. I know I can get the best prices on all my tech needs. The shipping costs are always fair and affordable as well as receiving my items either on or ahead of schedule. I can depend on Tiger Direct and you don't get that much nowadays so you have to stick with it when you find it. Keep up the great work and I'll keep buying!
 Reviewed by: chuchi on Aug 01, 2011
 Tiger Direct is my second Home Page to Google
 I first ordered from back when I was building my first PC in 2007. I purchased all the components from here, very easy, everything was in one invoice delivered on the same day. Now I Still order from tiger for anything between monitors, Laptops and Components to surveillance systems. To this day I've built 7 PC's with Tiger and all of them are still running strong. I would, have, and definitely will continue to recommend to anyone.
 Reviewed by: C.LENDELHPTIGER on Aug 01, 2011
 Nothing is better than TIGER.
 Why love Tiger? I've bought everything from They are such a a great company and I always get cool e-mail updates regularly. These e-mail updates show great savings. Why buy in store when tigerdirect almost always gets the things I need in 5 business days. GO TIGER! If I can wait for something, I'll buy it at Tiger.
 Reviewed by: ALP on Jul 31, 2011
 Tiger Direct, a good place to buy computers, and computer parts!
 I bought all the parts for my computer about 7 8 months ago, and I was extremely satisfied with the shipping times and service. The site i so easy to look for parts, just click, click, click, you're at where you need to be! My dad bought the parts to build his computer from here a few years ago, and I was 13 when I bought the previously mentioned computer, look out, another IT is coming your way!
 Reviewed by: kevinkidderman on Jul 25, 2011
 Tiger Fan for Life
 Hey Tiger, Since 2004, I've bought most every part I've ever used in a computer from TigerDirect and I recommend you to every person I meet looking for computer parts. Your customer service is unmatched and your shipping is always fast and secure. I'm a Tiger fan for life. On another note, I'm really happy to see Logan back with you guys. I liked Albert, but I missed the days when Logan did the reviews for just about everything. My favorite ever was probably the review for the XFX 9600GT (and the box!).
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