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 Reviewed by: Michelle on Nov 15, 2012
 Brad Holder at Jefferson Store
 Brad is a salesman who went above and beyond to help my Husband and myself when we went shopping for a new computer. I had visited several computer places and suffered through sales people ''pretending'' they were gamers (I needed a med grade gaming machine). Brad however impressed me by being very knowledgeable and knowing exactly what would work for my needs and upgrading a system they had in stock. Then Cris the tech supervisor went above and beyond to get the computer put together and working properly. So yea I'd like to give 2 shout outs to both Men who made sure Tiger Direct is the place I will be going to for my future computer needs!
 Reviewed by: George on Nov 12, 2012
 Great problem solving skills make great customer service
 I called the Pembroke Pines store and spoke to Jose Perez the manager on duty. He checked what maintenance plan I had and how to use it. I then told him the issue I was having with my computer. He knew exactly what the problem was and gave me a fix to try. He was right on target. I instituted the fix he suggested and now my computer is back on line and working great. Jose's actions were the picture of Customer Service something that is more and more rare but not at your Pembroke Pines store not as long as Jose Perez is still working there he was GREAT!!!!!
 Reviewed by: hammerhead on Nov 05, 2012
 best one stop shopping
 i been going to tiger direct for my electronic needs for over 20 years. i use to live in hawaii before comp usa, fry's or best buy was even thought of. i was turned on to tiger direct by a roommate and i have never shopped anywhere else, even tho i live on the main land now. never a complaint. the prices can not be beat!!
 Reviewed on: Oct 27, 2012
 Great Customer Service
 Ordered a Visio Sound Bar which included a rebate offer. Received the product promptly and in perfect order, however, the original packaging with UPC code was not included. I submitted the offer without the UPC code which of course was rejected. Contacted TD customer support which promptly took charge of the issue. The rebate was approved within two days. Thanks TD customer support!
 Reviewed by: Jim on Oct 18, 2012
 Extended Warranty.
 I purchased a computer tower with an extended warranty, TD changed warranty companies, so I was left with the old one, I brought my tower in for repair BSOD. they assisted at all levels including getting me in touch with the warranty provider, the warranty provider was horrible, 24/7 service was non existant, I spoke to the manager of the Orland Park store , without hesitation, he made me whole again and with options to do what was convenient for me, everything he did was what customer service should be about, others will not have my business again. Absolutely the best.. Thanks again Hyuk
 Reviewed on: Oct 12, 2012
 Good customer care
 I had purchased a SSD from Tigerdirect, it was part of a daily deal and also came with a rebate. I had sent the rebate in and within a few weeks I had gotten an email stating that my rebate had been declined. I found TD's rebate center and filled out some info pertaining to the situation I was in. In less than 24hrs time I received a response letting me know that they would attempt to resolve my situation. About a week or so later I received another email from the company who was offering the rebate stating that my rebate had now been confirmed and accepted. Now I'm just waiting to get my money in the mail! [:
 Reviewed on: Sep 29, 2012
 Very Satisfied
 My old laptop was slowing down and I found out I was headed out of the country for two months. Always happy with Toshibas, went on line, read about the ones in my price range, ordered and received updates on the status. Most important, the new one arrived as promised on Friday afternoon. Easiest service/information on any expensive tech product I have ever experience.
 Reviewed on: Sep 24, 2012
 Great service and got my rebate today
 I ordered a Samsung Bluetooth headset for 25.00 with a 20.00 rebate. Just got my 20.00 rebate today. So I have a 5.00 blue tooth that works great. Thanks
 Reviewed by: RUNWITME on Sep 21, 2012
 I ordered computer parts from Tigerdirect and another BIG site. I placed the order at 7pm and it was out for shipping at 2am. Delivery in 2 days. I am still waiting on my parts from ''The Other Site'' to ship, and should have them by next weekend at the earliest.
 Reviewed on: Sep 14, 2012
 Spreading the Tiger Direct good news!!
 I have used Tiger Direct for over 10 years now. While not a power buyer, I have consistently found good value and reliable products. Currently, I am directing a friend to TD to buy a computer kit as an upgrade for his family. In encouraging him on purchasing from TD, I have told him if we get the system together and it doesn't work as well as he expects? I will buy it from him! You can't go wrong with Tiger Direct.
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