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Building Your Own Personal Computer is Easy.

For those who prefer the “Do It Yourself” approach to buying a PC, barebone computer kits are a great option because they allow you to build a powerhouse system that’s tailored to your needs and typically less expensive than a preconfigured computer.

TigerDirect offers the world's largest and most complete selection of barebone kits – not to mention a perfectly matched array of powerful components – from many of the world's leading manufacturers including MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, AMD, Intel and more.

Whether you’re building yourself a top-notch gaming system with fantastic video, an extremely fast and efficient business PC, or a home PC with lots of multimedia, you’ll find everything you need in TigerDirect’s extensive selection of barebone kits and components. Among the thousands of kits you'll find here are those made by Intel and AMD. And all of our kits are complemented by superb high-performance components designed to work together flawlessly.

While barebone kits sold elsewhere typically require additional components such as memory, hard drive, networking and monitor, many of those available at TigerDirect already include these components, making it even easier for you to build your perfect PC.


What Our Customers Have to Say:

"I love tigerdirect they have a great selection of computer hardware products which I'm always looking for and offer reasonable deals with discounts rebates and coupons. This makes my shopping choice easier and my pocket book heavier."
-Vandar October 21, 2014