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Ultrabooks are ultra lightweight portable laptops with razor-thin dimensions than run on low-power ULV Intel chips. Ultrabooks generally run at least 5 hours or more on a single charge.

Intel owns the trademark and sets the standards for Ultrabooks. They need to be a slim 18mm (0.7), thick or less for machines with screens under 14 and 23mm (0.9) for those with larger size or touchscreens.

They also feature fast storage options such as solid state drives, and sometimes amenities usually found on premium grade notebooks such as backlit keyboards and Identity Protection Technology.

To meet these thin & light weight standards, Ultrabooks frequently omit bulky features such as optical drives, but an easy work around is to just plug-in an external device.

Ultrabooks are different from netbooks because they offer more power, faster processors, additional RAM, as well as faster storage and larger size displays.

TigerDirect offers a large variety of Ultrabooks for every need, lifestyle and price range; from students, and gamers to business professionals.

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