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All-in-One PCs are powerful computers that provide terrific computing assistance for its users inside its space-saving build. Despite its unconventional build that lacks the traditional separate CPU, All-in-One PCs deliver a high level of computing function that can rival other Desktop PCs. All-in-One PCs are well-equipped to be utilized in any industry.

Talking about its build, All-in-One PCs usually pack the hardware inside its monitor. All-in-One PCs come in different sizes in terms of screen size and heft.

Commonly, All-in-One PC’s dimensions fall under the 24”x8”x22” (W x D X H) range with its weight ranging from 20 to 23 pounds.

Moreover, the display for All-in-One PCs is usually the determining factor for users who are trying to buy the device. Ranging from 20” to 27”, All-in-One PCs have monitors cater to various needs for display support. Whether it’s for editing or just the usual multitasking through different apps, All-in-One PCs have a specific screen size for any activities. Display quality is another desirable facet of its build. From HD (1280 x 720) to full HD (1920 x 1080), every monitor is equipped with the pixel density that’ll suit its size.

Internal support for All-in-PCs is usually high-functioning Intel processors that provide the support needed for replying to inputs and commands. Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 are commonly packed inside the All-in-One PCs.

With speeds ranging from 3.0GHz to 3.7GHz (depending on the model and core type), All-in-One PCs are more than capable of producing responses at a high rate for an extremely responsive device against processor heavy tasks. Data management support for All-in-One PCs is handled by various types and sizes of RAM providing assistance for device’s system. The basic All-in-One PC is equipped with 4GB RAM which provides data allowance that can be enough for casual to midrange users. For heavy users, some All-in-One PCs are equipped with 8GB RAM or even 16GB RAM to support the data in multitasking.

Additional support internally is provided by All-in-One PCs through its storage drive. Ranging from 256GB (SSD) to 1TB (HDD), storage for All-in-One PCs provide a great allowance for any type of storage demands. Whether it’s for storing basic files from MS Office apps or sheltering HD videos for editing, All-in-One PCs usually have the capacity to provide terrific versatility storage-wise for its users.

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