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When buying a computer, the most overlooked items are computer accessories for your desktop PC or Notebook. These PC & Laptop Parts can make all the difference in making your computer more functional and productive. Everything from USB hubs, to outlet strips, to UPS battery backups, means worry free computing. Having the right mouse pad can make it that much easier to work on your PC over extended periods of time. Headsets and charging units, along with hands-free presentation controllers, mean freedom of movement when talking through your PC or conducting a presentation. Computer accessories also allow you to accomplish more with your computer, organizing CDs, and your workspace, and adding additional features not included in your out of the box PC or Laptop. Plus having a PC tool kit means being able to do simple maintenance yourself. Manufacturers like Ultra, PowerUp, D-Link, provide some of the finest in computer & notebook accessories. So next time your buy a desktop or laptop, remember the computer accessories, notebook accessories and PC parts and Laptop parts.