Asante builds simple and smart things for everyone

Asante SmartHome line of products are an incredible breakthrough in microelectronics and intelligent programming that transform complex technologies of WiFi, video, cloud networking and ubiquitous SmartPhone Apps into very simple and everyday household tools.

Build a smarter home with Asante SmartHome

Why does Asante SmartHome work for you?

Asante SmartHome is designed to provide wireless signal coverage for small to very large homes and at the same time intelligently manage each device. It can create a bridge between a free cloud service and your smartphone from anywhere and at anytime. Asante SmartHome simplifies the complex internet technology into basic setup and installation that can be performed by anyone. Asante brings you powerful new products with garage door opener with camera, irrigation controller and smoke detector to begin with. In addition, Asante provides indoor/outdoor Megapixel smartbot cameras for home security.

Why does Asante provide these products?

We see people driving back to make sure they closed their garage doors all the time. We see gardens being flooded or sprinklers running even when raining. We see smoke detectors exhausting the battery with beeps but no one was notified to stop the fire at early stages. What else? Wait, there is more to come. Stay tuned.

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