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Consistently rated for top-quality builds and recipient of several awards¹, ASUS monitors will
change the way you perform your everyday tasks from web browsing to gaming to graphic design.
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  • ASUS Display Rapid Replacement

    Relax, We Got You Covered

    Should something happen to your ASUS monitor, rest assured, you're covered with a 3-year system and panel warranty to protect it from the unfortunate. For even greater convenience, ASUS Rapid Replacement cross-shipping send you a replacement unit as soon as the defective is in the mail - shortening your waiting time.
  • ASUS Display Rapid Replacement

    Splendid video intelligence technology

    ASUS Splendid Video Technology, or Splendid for short, is a quick image setting selectable through buttons on the monitor.
    Featuring 5 or 6 different scenario settings ranging from game to scenario mode and 3 skin tone settings, choose your preferred one for your task at hand.
  • ASUS Display Rapid Replacement

    ASUS Smart contrast Ratio

    ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) is a dynamic contrast ratio that measures how dark a screen can get. With ratios ranging from 5 to 50 million, ASCR delivers a more defined image especially while watching night scenes in movies or playing games that typically have dark areas.
  • ASUS Display Rapid Replacement

    Advanced Connectivity

    Featuring the latest in display technology, connect to your devices with an assortment of options including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and more. Plus, with built-in webcams, USB ports, and card slots, ASUS monitors let you do more from one place.
VE/VW/VH/VS monitors

Ranging in various sizes and configurations, these monitors are the ideal choice for you to perform nearly any PC task with amazing visual clarity and smooth motion playback.
VK monitors

With embedded webcams, built-in mic jacks, and built-in USB ports, VK monitors deliver stunning Full HD visuals and go well beyond the basics for effortless video chatting and video capturing.
  • PA monitors

    A designer's dream, PA monitors, recipient of CNET and Editor's Choice awards², encompass everything a graphic or video designer could need and more to bring their creations to life
  • VG monitors

    A true sight to behold, VG monitors feature the latest in monitor technology for true, enthusiast grade performance. When you don't want to settle for anything less, you settle for a VG monitor.
  • VS/VB monitors

    If you are looking for some serious business monitors, then get a monitor that's made for it. Corporate Stable Model (CSM) certified VS monitors have a 1-year stable supply guarantee and include advanced swap replacement service should a unit require servicing.

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