The quad core processor offers more power than ever, increases response time, and allows faster and more efficient browsing. Experience it all in super-rich HD graphics. The new Note is packed with productivity tools. Write, draw and capture with the intuitive S Pen, explore multiple windows and apps at one time, or connect with your other devices. Bring elegance to your tablet experience with our new texture-stitch design made with premium materials.
  • Our Best Performance and Display Make Smart Work Brilliant.
  • Utilize Multi-Window and S Pen to Work Faster and Play More.
  • Travel Easier and In Style with Our Slimmer, Lighter Design.
Galaxy note 8.0Galaxy note 8.0Galaxy note 8.0Galaxy note 8.0Galaxy note 8.0Galaxy note 8.0Galaxy note 8.0
Galaxy Note Pro 32G Galaxy Note Pro 32G Galaxy Note Pro 64G Galaxy Note Pro 64G

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