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One of the industry's hottest processors, featuring AMD's innovative 3DNow! technology. The K6-2 processor enhances the performance of your games, business and multimedia software, while making you Internet experience more enjoyable. The AMD K6-2 is fast, reliable and affordable!

The first processor to incorporate AMD's innovative 3DNow!™ technology, it delivers an outstanding combination of price and performance along with a powerful 3D experience for Windows® computing. The AMD-K6®-2 processor works hand-in-hand with today's leading 3D graphics accelerators to enhance 3D processing power and generate exciting levels of realism in personal computing.

*Requires Super Socket 7 Motherboard with 100MHz Bus Speed and supports a core voltage of 2.0 or lower.

Use With Fans And Motherboards Supporting This Format:

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  • Processor Speed: 500Mhz
  • Cache Size: 128KB L1
  • Processor Socket: Socket 7
  • Bus Speed: 100MHz
  • Processor Class: AMD K6-2

  • Support for SIMD floating-point and integer operations
  • Specific SIMD integer instruction to enhance MPEG decoding
  • New PREFETCH instruction to eliminate extra data retrieval time
  • FEMMS (Fast Entry/Exit Multimedia State) instruction to reduce switching time between MMX™ and x87 code
  • Open-standard support of IEEE 754 single precision data type

Processor Microarchitecture:

  • Fully pipelined dual execution resources
  • Unlimited storage of floating-point numbers in memory
  • Execution of up to two 3DNow! instructions per clock
  • Total of four floating-point calculations (add, subtract, multiply) per clock
  • Common floating-point stack; eliminates task switching between AMD's 3DNow! and MMX™ operations

3DNow! technology -- MMX™ Technology Relationship:

  • Different technologies, yet with similar encoding and simultaneous instruction execution
  • MMX technology developed to improve integer-intensive operations in rendering such as 2D graphics
  • 3DNow! technology developed to speed up floating-point-intensive front-end operations designed to boost 3D graphics and multimedia performance

Sample of Applications for 3DNow! technology:

  • Arcade-quality 3D games
  • Education / entertainment software with 3D images
  • Internet, and VRML
  • Business document, presentation, and spreadsheet programs
  • CAD/CAE packages
  • 3D audio processing
  • Speech recognition software
  • Soft modems
  • Soft DVD: MPEG2 video playback
  • Software drivers for 3D graphics controllers
  • MPEG2 video playback
  • Dolby AC-3 (digital surround-sound algorithm for DVD movies)
  • Requires Super Socket 7 Motherboard with 100MHz Bus Speed and supports a core voltage of 2.0 or lower

Fan Not Included

Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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