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Activision X-Men Legends / Xbox (80575)

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Launch an Epic Adventure with
Your Customized X-Men Teams.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has freed their leader, the diabolically intelligent Magneto. An unprovoked attack on mutant-kind by a secret Sentinel army compels Magneto to plan his most maniacal scheme yet. He intends to use his mutant superpowers to shroud the Earth in cosmic debris, blotting out the sun and plunging the globe into eternal winter. From this chaos the Brotherhood will emerge to reign supreme over humankind. As the Sentinels continue to wage worldwide mutant genocide, the X-Men must confront Magneto and save the earth from certain destruction.

Penned by former X-Men writers and based on the Ultimate X-Men comic book series, X-Men Legends blends visceral superhero action, a dynamic experience system and a vivid, cinematic story into one of the most thrilling forays into the X-Men universe yet. Recruit your squad of 4 mutants from a team of 15—including Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler and Storm—and battle evildoers across a vast, interactive, fully destructible landscape. Switch among squad members at will and use their unique abilities for puzzle-solving and combat. Upgrade your heroes’ abilities on the fly. Combine superpowers to unleash awesome mutant attacks that obliterate all obstacles and enemies in your path. Over 40 fully rendered cinematic sequences illustrate the cliffhanger plot and lead the X-Men into brutal confrontation with the greatest evil mutant-kind and humankind alike have ever faced.

Teen (T)
Titles rated T - Teen have content that may be suitable for persons ages 13 and older. May contain violent content, mild or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.


Name: Wolverine
Nationality: Canadian
Powers & Abilities:
Powers and Abilities: enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes, hyper-keen senses, healing factor, adamantium skeleton and retractable claws
Name: Rogue
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
metabolize someone's essence through physical contact, temporarily absorbing and duplicating their memories, skills and special powers
Name: Cyclops
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
absorb ambient solar energy and electricity and metabolize it into optical blasts of concussive force
Name: Colossus
Nationality: Russian
Powers & Abilities:
enhanced strength, convert his entire body into organic steel with enormous strength and durability
Name: Jean Grey
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
telekinetics allow her to manipulate matter through directed psionic energy
Name: Nightcrawler
Nationality: German
Powers & Abilities:
peak human agility and reflexes, prehensile tail, cling to any surface, access to the Brimstone Dimension allows teleportation
Name: Professor X
Nationality: Nova Roman
Powers & Abilities:
most powerful mutant mind on the planet possesses vast telepathic abilities
Name: Psyclocke
Nationality: British
Powers & Abilities:
telekinetics allow her to manipulate matter through directed psionic energy, focus her mental energies into a psionic katana
Name: Jubilee
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
generate pyrotechnic
flares to create brilliant light and explosive force
Name: Beast
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
superhuman size, strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, dexterity, and acrobatic prowess, cat-like night vision, enhanced senses, healing abilities, low-level pheromones, razor edged claws
Name: Iceman
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
generate subzero cold that freezes anything in its path, forming water vapor into various ice shapes, convert into organic ice form with enhanced strength, durability, and morphing powers
Name: Storm
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
sense and influence meteorological energy patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes
Name: White Queen
Nationality: American
Powers & Abilities:
psionic/telepathic abilities along with the ability of transforming her body into a diamond like substance for added protection and strength
Name: Magma
Nationality: Nova Roman
Powers & Abilities:
surround her body with a field of intense light and heat, psionically cause earthquakes, call up lava from the earth's core
Name: Gambit
Nationality: Cajun
Powers & Abilities:
convert an object's stored potential energy into explosive kinetic energy upon contact, hypnotic charm causing others to trust whatever he says, extendible bo staff

X-Men Legends:
The Comic Book Game We Have All Been Waiting For!

By Walter L. Mora
Console Game Editor

This is one game I have to give 5 stars to right from the start, which is rare for someone as critical as I am. Full of action, adventure, abilities and a strong story line, X-Men Legends gets us closer to realizing childhood fantasy. You immediately begin the game in an action sequence with Wolverine - a fav amongst X-Men fans. After a thorough, action packed walk through the city with a complete interactive environment (with control tutorials to get you used to controlling your characters), you begin to unlock characters for a total of 15 X-Men - 4 which you choose and control through every mission. As the game progresses, experience points are awarded to upgrade your characters' abilities, influence and mutant powers for an all around blow-out adventure that will not only have your eyes wondering over every inch of your screen but addicted to the game. In between each mission, as more characters are unlocked, cut scenes will unveil the story line ahead - one being the development of the character Alison AKA Magma. For a game which I find to portray the most powerful female X-Men (Storn, Jean Grey) as weak RPG characters, Magma stands out as one mighty mutant. Character development is essential in the progress of the game and you will eventually get used to a certain grouping but the developers of the game have manipulated the programming in such a way for you to experiment and get to know each and every X-Men. With hours of gameplay ahead until the climatic confrontation with Magneto, you will be highly entertained with endless combinations of characters and actions at your disposal

Hidden Joy
If getting to play such a visually intense game with some of the best known characters of the comic book world was such a thrill, nothing excited me more than the unsuspecting surprises hidden within the game. As you control Alison in meeting and conversing with various X-Men, mini-missions of the past are unlocked for you to experience. The characters are already chosen for you but you will see them much different than in regular game play. The characters are wearing their well known comic book costumes (as opposed to the new X-Men uniforms as inspired by the films) and are thrown into nostalgic missions of battling Sentinals, The Juggernaut and escaping from the Weapon X lab (birthplace of Wolverine). Another great feature is the recovering of mission discs that allow you to unlock certain training programs to help practice and get accustomed to the abilities and interaction features of a group of X-men or each character. This game offers a lot of options beyond standard game play.

Tiny Glitches
X-Men legends has such impressive and stunning features that you can easily overlook some minor glitches. Besides finding a few characters weak and slow in developement, there are a few things I dislike about the game which in an ideal world, would have been perfected. Initially, my first problem was with the camera angle of the game - the characters look too small and you can't really make out the detail. You are provided with a zoom in feature but then you limit the visibility of your interactive environment. Secondly, the game developers really wanted its consumers to bust their brains when creating missions with time limits and/or requiring certain characters. You will find yourself in situations where time is of the essence and it can be extended if 1) you know where you are going and 2) have the right character with the right mutant power in your team). I spent weeks on one 15-minute mission alone, not being able to move around and beat the time limit. I ended up having to purchase a guide with a thorough map walk-though and team build information to help me pass the mission. I know of the X-Men and its characters without really being into them as a kid, but for those that have no idea about their powers and abilities as described through the ages in the comics, a player will be lost and helpless. Lastly, controlling 4 characters at once is one thing but when they all suffer from the lemming syndrome, it makes moving through doors, around cliffs and in general a true test of patience. However, with these minor complaints, looking at the grand scope of X-Men Legends, it supercedes all the previous comic book based games that I have encountered.

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