Xincom XC-DPG603
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Xincom  XC-DPG603
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Xincom XC-DPG603 10/100Mbps Twin WAN DNS to IP VPN Gateway

Item#:  473877  | Model#: XC-DPG603
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Xincom XC-DPG603 Product Details

Xincom XC-DPG603 Twin WAN DNS to IP VPN Gateway
The Small Enterprise and Retail Solution; Continuous VPN!

The Xincom XC-DPG603 is a revolutionary DNS to IP VPN Gateway that provides advanced networking services most commonly found in enterprise class infrastructures at a fraction of the cost. Xincom tailors these services with innovative features such as inbound/outbound load balancing, auto-failover, and a built-in VPN endpoint. The XC-DPG603's primary features are full VPN Aggregation with Automatic Failover and the Authoritative DNS function with Inbound Load Balancing. The VPN capability will allow for two aggregated VPN tunnles to effectively work as single tunnel combining VPN traffic over two broadband connections. Full redundancy is assured when establishing a VPN tunnel on each WAN port. The authoritative DNS feature load balances inbound traffic requests to the respective IP address on a network infrastructure that hosts content on multiple servers. High throughput of inbound and outbound requests are managed by dual WAN ports that utilize the combined bandwidth of two separate concurrent broadband connections including DSL, Cable, and/or T1.

Using two separate ISPs provides redundant connectivity to the Internet. In the event that one ISP goes down, the XC-DPG603 auto-fails over to the other ISP service. Redundancy to the Internet provides a truly uninterrupted connection for a business's customers while maintaining uptime and productivity for its employees.

Built-in VPN Security
The XC-DPG603 is a VPN capable Dual WAN VPN Gateway with industry standard IPsec encryption. It provides extremely secure LAN-to-LAN connectivity with the use of two concurrent VPN tunnels over two broadband connections. The XC-DPG603 will aggregate traffic requests while providing full redundancy with automatic failover. VPN security is supported by encryption, encapsulation, and authentication using the following methods: DES/3DES/AES, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2; up to 50 IPsec tunnels are permitted.

VPN Aggregation
Combining two separate and concurrent VPN tunnels provides faster throughput between your Virtual Private Network.

Authoritative DNS to IP
The XC-DPG603 is an authoritative DNS to IP gateway that resolves a domain name to its respective IP addresses. This new capability allows for inbound failover and load balancing for servers located behind the gateway. Using dual WAN ports simultaneously increases available bandwidth for both uploads and download requests. You can set load balance type by Packets, Bytes rx+tx and Sessions.

Multiple Connection Methods
All popular DSL and Cable Modems and connection methods are supported, including Fixed IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, even multiple-session PPPoE.

2 x 10/100 WAN Ports
The XC-DPG603 incorporates dual 10/100 WAN ports, complete with auto-crossover for easy connection to an existing network. All popular DSL and Cable Modems and connection methods are supported, including Fixed IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, even multiple-session PPPoE.

4-Port 10/100 Switch
The XC-DPG603 incorporates a 4-port 10/100 N-Way Ethernet Switch, complete with auto crossover for easy connection to an existing network.

Automatic Fail-over
If one broadband connection goes down all traffic is automatically re-routed through the second broadband connection.

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
Protects your network using advanced SPI against malicious and DDoS attacks.

Advanced NAT Features
Access Filters, DMZ, DDNS, Remote Management, Dynamic or Static Routing, Special Applications, Virtual Servers, SNMPv1.



  • WAN:
    - 2-port 10/100 Mbps RJ45
    - Auto-MDI/MDIX; 802.3/802.3u
  • LAN:
    - 4-port 10/100Mbps RJ45
    - Auto-MDI/MDIX; 802.3/802.3u
  • Throughput: Over 44 MBits/sec
  • Load Balance & Backup:
    - Inbound & Outbound load balance by bytes, packet, & session
    - Auto backup connection
  • Protocols:
    - Security: NAT, UPAP, CHAP
    - Network: TCP/IP, DHCP, PPP, UPAP, PPPoE, Multi-session PPPoE
    - Routing: static route for WAN & LAN, ICMP, ARP Proxy, HTTP, RIP I/II
    - Connection: static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP
  • VPN:
    - IPSec
    - Tunnels: 50
    - Encryption: DES(56-bit), 3DES(168-bit), & AES(128-bit)
    - Authentication: MD5, SHA1, SHA2
    - Manual key & IKE(Internet Key Exchange)
    - VPN throughput: 10 Mbps
  • Firewall:
    - Stateful Packet Inspection
    - NAT (Network Address Translation)
    - NAPT (Network Address Port Translation)
    - DoS (Denial of Service)
    - Access control by group
    - Ping to Death
    - ICMP Filter for WAN
    - Packet Filter
    - URL block
  • Security:
    - Admin passwords
    - Authentication with UPAP and CHAP for PPPoE
  • Management:
    - Management through WAN & LAN port
    - HTTP web based management
    - Email alert of disconnection
  • Firmware Upgrade:
    - HTTP web based download
    - TFTP download
  • Applications:
    - Support MSN & Net meeting
    - Support with H.323 VoIP products
    - Multi-session PPPoE
    - SMTP bind
    - SNMP
    - NAT status & connection list
    - Virtual server
    - Multi-DMZ
    - MTU changeable for WAN
    - Dial-on-demand & Auto-disconnect
    - Dynamic DNS
    - MAC address clone
    - Transparent Bridge Mode
  • Hardware:
    - RISC 166Mhz Processor
    - 1Mb Flash memory
    - 16Mb RAM
  • Supported OS:
    - Win98 / Win2000 / WinMe / WinXP /
    - MAC
    - Linux

What is it?...

  • A device that can more than DOUBLE your Internet throughput by enabling
        you plug in TWO DSL lines or a DSL line and Cable Modem---
        then automatically "load balancing" the user traffic between them!
  • A device with such advanced firewall protection---it's impenetrable!
  • A device that can switch between ISPs---in the event that one goes down!...
        Go ahead get a second DSL line or a Cable Modem line and DSL line---
        then plug BOTH into this box. If one goes down, you still
        get uninterrupted access---automatically.

    Sound good? You ain't seen nothin' yet. If you ALREADY have TWO Internet connections, you're about to experience an epiphany!

    It's called the Xincom Twin WAN Router (with 5 models to choose from)...
    ...And here's how it works: At home, I've got both a DSL modem and a cable modem---and I had no idea that they could BOTH be connected to ONE device and allow everyone to share---at double the speed! I always thought that with TWO broadband Internet connections, we'd all be surfing with no problems…

    But when everybody's downloading, checking their mail or watching streaming video, they all complained about the web being slow. I'm paying for two high-speed connections and everybody's complaining? What's going on?

    Enter the Xincom Router. It actually allows you to connect TWO broadband connections---then (and this is the cool part)---it balances the load, meaning it spreads the capacity of your web connections over the users that are connected---then delivers higher speed. I've got three kids, they're all on the web constantly---and now they all run faster than ever before. In fact, they run up to TWICE AS FAST!

    Speed is just the beginning. The Xircom TWIN WAN router will use BOTH connections when traffic is heavy, and switch to one when traffic is light---using the second connection as a backup! And I never hear screaming because the "web is down!" My Xincom router switches to my second connection and everybody's happy. It's like the web---on steroids! The concurrent connection actually INCREASES the broadband speed! You've got to get one of these for your home or office---you're missing out on spectacular speed! Take my word for it---you want one of these Xincom routers!

    Holy cow! That's not All...
    And what about security? If you're not worried about it, you should be. And the Xircom router delivers the security you need (even if you don't know you need it!). My little home network (or my small office) is protected by an impenetrable firewall, which hackers can't even see, much less get through! Talk to someone who's been a victim of identity theft how important this is. With Xincom, you'll be running on what's known as a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Banks use this strategy for safety. And that's good enough for me.

    Here's A Twin WAN "Quick-Start" Guide…
    By now, you get the idea. Twin WAN technology with automatic Failover and load balancing is a quantum leap...Here's a quick wrap-up so far...

  • Offers redundant connectivity with 2 broadband connections
        for "Internet Insurance"

  • Increase your bandwidth with 2 broadband connections.

  • Automatic Failover keeps your network connected to the Internet
        if one connection fails
  • Includes robust security features for your network
  • Features a powerful URL blocking engine
  • HTML-based Graphical User Interface for quick, easy set up
  • You're covered with a FIVE-YEAR warranty with LIFETIME tech support
        and firmware upgrades

    While I'm evangelizing to all my friends that the Xincom is ideal for their homes, it is their small and mid-sized businesses that really need this level of technology. They need the cutting edge features such as NAT, SPI Firewall, DHCP Server, and Access Filters.

    If you own a business, and are dependent on the web, the Xincom is a must-have item. The Xincom gives you consistent and reliable Internet connection, with dual WAN ports for instant "fail over" protection. This VPN Fail Over protection is usually found in routers that cost $15,000 or more! The Xincom costs just a small fraction of that. A really small fraction. So now you can have the reliability and protection that major corporations enjoy---in your home or small office.

    Getting the idea?...

    One of my friends runs a branch office of a major company, and with the Xincom, he can connect securely (critical for him, he's in the finance business!) to his company's corporate headquarters. He is now using the Xincom's dual WAN ports---with one as a backup---in the event one connection fails. And of course, he's running faster. He likes that. A lot. And by the way, it cost him under 100 bucks!


    Xincom DPG402 (Twin WAN)
    For home use or single small offices. Some Management Capability.
    This is the device that I described above. It delivers a reliable and consistent connection to the web---featuring dual WAN ports with the ability to automatically reroute your Internet traffic to your backup Broadband connection should your primary ISP fail.

    Xincom DPG502 (Twin WAN)
    For medium-sized businesses with a single office. Extensive Management Capability.
    All the features of the 402 (above) with some added features and upgraded hardware. The 502 features uPnP and QoS, plus a faster processor, more memory, a larger Flash memory and faster throughput

    Xincom DPG503 (Twin WAN)
    For companies with several small branch offices that need VPN connections and cannot afford downtime. Ideal for clinics, warehouses and small manufacturers.
    All the features of the 502 with the addition of VPN capability.

    Xincom DPG602 (Twin WAN)
    A great business solution. Ideal for online retailers, web hosting companies and others with more than one in-house web server.
    The Xincom 602 builds on the specs of the 503 and balances inbound and outbound traffic to your web servers, manages bandwidth efficiently and delivers faster DNS-to-IP conversion. Also delivers faster file serving capability from your web servers.

    Xincom DPG603 (Twin WAN VPN Gateway)
    The small enterprice solution. For companies with several small branch offices that need 'continuous' VPN connections (with no down time). Ideal for small retail chains, shipping and transit companies, travel agencies.
    The complete solution with all the extras. Enables you to merge your company's branch networks over secure, concurrent dual Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. Share files, printers, mail servers and domain resources over the web

    • Manufactured by: Xincom
      Warranty provided by: Xincom
      UPC No: 0859273000077
      Mfg Part No: XC-DPG603
    • Box Size: ( Length:10, Width:10, Depth:2)
      Shipping Weight: 4.3000 pound(s)
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