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One of the deadliest threats to your personal computer or laptop is heat! Today's processors and video cards use smaller technologies running at faster speeds. The result is even greater amounts of waste heat. Without the right kinds of computer cooling, heat can destroy your high speed computer. Even computers fresh out of the box can benefit from improved case fans and CPU processor fans. By upgrading your computer cooling system, you can have cooler systems and dramatically extend the reliable life of your computer. In many cases you can even improve the performance of your computer by cooling - memory and processors can run faster when cool. Manufacturers such as: Kingwin, Cooler Master, ThermalTake, Corsair, and others, make a wide variety of accessories for computer cooling that make cooler systems.

How To Choose A Cooling System

Watch this video and learn more about PC Cooling Systems and why you'll need one. We'll go over the specs for liquid cooling products, fans, heatsinks and more. See what goes into certain builds.


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Tough, yet simple
" ordered this as a simple upgrade to my rig. While fairly dated, it's a nice little boost for my system & allows me to have multiple programs running. Nicely done! Hopefully, it'll hold up to the awesomeness of Unity-3D...


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