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Selecting a Desktop Computer

Finding a desktop computer that meets your needs can be a challenge. Not because there’s a shortage of outstanding desktop PCs on the market. In fact, the opposite is true. There are lots of high quality, affordably priced personal computers on the market – including Acer, Asus, Cybertron, Dell, HP and Lenovo, to name a few – all of which you can find at TigerDirect Business.

Many first-time desktop computer buyers are swayed by ads promoting the latest PCs loaded with all the bells and whistles. But the first thing you need to consider is how your new computer will be used.

Are you looking for a personal computer that can serve as a media center for your music, photos and movies? An All-in-One computer your kids can use for schoolwork? Something you can use to run your home business? Or maybe you just need a spare computer in case your primary PC isn’t working.

Before you buy, make sure you’ve given some thought to what you’re asking of your new computer. That way, you’ll avoid purchasing a system that’s way too advanced for you or, conversely, one that’s ill-equipped to meet your demands.


Recent Customer Reviews

Good Basic Gamer
"Bought this to replace an old computer when the motherboard died. It arrived extremely quickly(3 bus. days), and I had it up, running and connected to the internet in a few hours (counting download time for several programs that I wanted and had to reload from the net). Setup was easy, and I love the speed and versatility of this machine! Looks good when running too, and can even be used as a nightlight! (What will they think of next?) I'm 69 years young, and if I didn't have any problems, no one should, LOL.
-SARAH E. ZAPATA, July 26, 2017


still working 7 years later
"What can I say. I use it everyday, Video production, websites, programming and it works flawlessly.
-ROBERT STEMPSKI, July 22 2017 
Great Computer for the money
"Really a great computer, runs fast and well. Really smooth and super awesome looking.
-Alice WARD, July 21, 2017 



Great For My First Gaming PC
"The price is really good for what this machine packs. It is able to run very well with stuff like Overwatch and Space Engineers. My one real problem which bumps down the features from a 5 to a 4 is that it does not come with a wireless network card so you have to buy an addon but for the most part it is awesome and I recommend it.


Recent Desktop Computer Reviews

Fantastic Workstation
"I purchased this desktop on sale for $539.99. It is a great workstation for my office. Out of the box it was ready for dual monitors and everything was seamless. This machine is fast, quiet, and had almost no bloatware! I cant believe I was able to get so much computer for $500. I especially love that it came loaded with windows 7, not 8. I would highly recommend this desktop to anyone looking for a low to mid level workstation.“
-Joe September 15
 Good Computer for Money
"We needed a new desktop computer for home. The old Pentium based machine running Win XP had become a trial in patience to accomplish anything. So I searched out an off-lease desktop that had 4GB RAM minimum, a large HDD, and a speedy processor all at the lowest price. I ordered the HP DC7900 and could not be happier. I use the computer to surf the web, store photos, handle email, rip and play music, and perform simple Microsoft Office functions. It handles these chores admirably. The supplied keyboard and mouse were cheap, but I had a wireless setup left from my old PC so that wasn't an issue. Easily installed a mini PCI SATA card for an external backup hard drive. Everything works. Graphics and sound
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