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What Is A Computer Case?

Your computer case is the most visible and important part of your system. It not only houses your internal components, but also protects your PC against heat damage. Computer cases come in two main configurations - desktop or tower. Towers - the more prevalent - come in three sizes - mini tower, mid tower or full tower. The larger full tower pc cases allow more component space and provide easy access than the smaller mid tower pc cases, but take up more room. For the vast majority of users a mid-tower computer case is the most sensible choice. Typical mid-tower ATX computer cases provide a good balance of bays and features. However, if you want to save space and are leaning toward a mini-tower pc case, make sure it is compatible with the motherboard you select and is expandable enough to meet your future needs. Always make sure your motherboard of choice is compatible with the computer case you are considering. Whether you’re looking for a case for your business, gaming or home entertainment system, you’ll find a complete selection of name brand products in every size on our site.

Plus, we have all the latest and most sophisticated cases. Among our huge inventory of pc cases you’ll find home theater and desktop cases, as well as micro tower cases, mid tower cases, full tower cases and server cases. In addition we have an enormous selection of computer case accessories including power supplies, case fans, case lighting and bezels – everything you need to make your pc case look great and work efficiently. No matter what kind of case you’re looking for, you’ll find the computer case that meets your needs right here.

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Recent Product Reviews

get what you pay for
"great price great deal only one thing was wrong which is one of the usb does not work. but you get what you pay for
-JOHN JOSEPH,  Jan 29, 2017
overall good
"this case is perfect for a mATX build. I got it on sale a while back for 12 bucks. I'm still impressed with it. MSI b150m mobo MSI rx480 (snug) kingwin 1k psu corsair H60 (front mounted, cd drive bay)
-WILLIAM COTE,  Jan 21, 2017
The Storm Trooper that didn't miss.
"I've had this case for some time now and have not found a flaw with it. Very strong design with plenty of room to run any liquid hoses or wire bundles. Filters for all the air flow just make it that much better. I wouldn't buy another case other then this one.
-JEFF MEYERS,  Sept 18, 2016
Great Case
"Just bought this case for a new build with a mini ATX mobo. Everything fits great, mobo mounting holes line up great. Just watch the size of your video card as the longer ones will just fit and may cause issues with the power for the video card. Great value for the price!
-JORDAN KORPEL,  Sept 13, 2016
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