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    Increasingly, we rely on portable and external hard drives to hold our critical data. For many, changing a hard drive inside a computer is just not an option. So they turn to external hard drive enclosures with built in high-capacity hard drives as the answer. But, with today's easy to assemble modular hard drive enclosures, many built it themselves. The hard driver enclosures themselves come in plastic, and aluminum hard drive enclosures, in a variety of styles and colors for every taste and use. External hard drive enclosures come in multiple sizes: 2.5 inch enclosures, 3.5 inch hard drive enclosures, and 5.25 inch hard drive enclosures, along with accessories and specialty enclosures to complement your needs. Some of the more popular hard drive enclosures are made by: CoolMax, Kingwin, Sabrent, Ultra, and Vantec.