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Hard Drives, commonly referred to as a computer hard drives, hard disk drives or disk drives, are non-volatile storage devices which store digital data on rapidly rotating platters (discs) with magnetic surfaces. Early computer hard disk drives had removable media; however, all hard disk drives today are sealed units with internal fixed media.  Hard disk drives are available in a number of different types, including External Hard Drive, Firewire External Hard Drives, SATA Hard Drives & IDE Drives.

Hard Disk Drives were originally developed for use with computers. However, now applications for hard disk drives have expanded far beyond computers to include digital video recorders, digital audio players (iPOD & Zune), personal digital assistants, digital cameras and video game consoles, and cell phones introduced by Samsung, Motorola and Nokia include hard drives. The need for large-scale, reliable storage, independent of a particular device, led to the introduction of configurations such as RAID arrays, network attached storage (NAS) systems and storage area network (SAN) systems that provide efficient and reliable access to large volumes of data.

Today, it is easy to find just the hard disk drive you need, from manufacturers like: Buffalo, Fantom, Hitachi, HP, Iomega, Kanguru, Seagate, Western Digital, and more.  Plus you can buy the components and build your own storage solution from: hard drive, hard drive enclosures, and hard drive cooling units.  Remember, when you change the hard disk drive in your system, clone it first, so you can easily get back up to full function fast.