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Shopping For A New TV is Easy!

Shopping for a new television? You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices: Smart TVs, 4K TVs, LED TVs, Curved TVs, Flat Screen TVs. The new generation of televisions offers the greatest advances to hit the market since the advent of the color tube. With their vivid colors and incredibly crisp and clear images, they’ll make you feel like you’re actually at the game or starring in a movie.

So which is the right one for you? It really depends on your viewing preferences, and how and where you use your TV. Select your options by price, brand, styles, and top sellers or simply browse the offerings shown.

What Are The Different Types of TVs?

To help you shop for your new television, here are some brief descriptions of the different technologies on the market:

  • LED TV – Because LED TVs use Light-Emitting Diode backlighting instead of fluorescent lighting, they produce images and picture quality with a greater dynamic contrast. They’re known for their brightness – making them great for viewing in well-lit rooms – as well as their low power consumption and lightweight design. They’re also very slim and take up minimal space.
  • LCD TV – An LCD TV uses Liquid Crystal Display technology for its visual output (as opposed to cathode ray or plasma). The breathtaking imagery offered by LCD TVs is just one of the reasons why these televisions are so popular.
  • SMART TV – Television and the internet have finally come together so now you can rent movies, stream free content, surf the web and more…all through your TV. The latest smart TVs now feature stronger processing power and improved intuitive interfaces, with more apps and streaming services than ever before. So you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • 4K TV – The new standard in television now is Ultra High Definition, also known as 4K. With four times the number of pixels as a 1080p screen, a 4k screen offers incredible imagery…so vivid and crisp, your favorite shows, movies and sports come alive.
  • CURVED TV  – Curved screens may be the future of TV. Not only do they offer a more immersive viewing experience by “wrapping” towards you, they also enhance your sense of depth, give you a wider field of view and offer better contrast than “non curved” screens. Check them out and decide for yourself.
  • 3D TV  – 3D TVs employ the latest technology today, allowing you to view three-dimensional TV shows, movies and video games. They boast high refresh rates so that two images can be displayed at the same time – one to each eye – allowing you to perceive depth. Most 3D TVs require the use of special 3D glasses.


What Our Customers Have to Say:

“I am very satisfied with this TV. It has a great picture and everything works like it is supposed too. If you want want more sound, hook up a surround sound system to the TV. It was shipped very fast. I would recommend this TV to my friends. My TV started not wanting to come on or had no picture after 3 or 4 years of use. I contacted tec support and they told me the mother board was bad. I ordered another mother board from them and installed it myself. I fixed my TV for $60.00 and it is still going in 2017.“
-Charles Cole, May 30, 2017


What a wonderful Experience!
“... found TigerDirect Business thru an internet search and from that day to current I cannot even put in words here the very pleasant experience! Purchasing, using, returns, credit vouchers, just name very kind, professional, and fast service! Thank you to a large company who really does not have to be so considerate of customer service!!! AND YOU ARE!!!“
-Patti F September 24, 2014


An Unbelievable Amazing Experience
"I would like to say I have used TigerDirect Business close to 20 years. They were great! Great prices and I never had issues with any products I purchased."
-TDBoycott September 03, 2014


Recently Purchased TV Reviews 

"Bought 2 of these on sale. Setup was easy as the TV leads you through everything. The picture is superb the sound is excellent. Many features and settings to set all the options for your preference. Wifi recognized my network immediately, self updating for the latest software was a snap. Overall this TV is very impressive in every aspect for a low price smart TV. I'm so glad I bought 2 to replace my older sets. Best bang for $600 ever!"
-DanBo September 25, 2014
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