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A scanner is a computer peripheral device that scans and digitizes documents, photos, drawings, handwriting, bar codes or even 3D objects. Using a moving array of optical sensors, the scanner detects the intensity (shades of gray/black/white) and chroma (colors) of each tiny element of the scanned original, and then converts it to a digital image.

Most scanners today are variations of the desktop or flatbed scanner. The flatbed scanner is the most common, although sheetfeed scanners (such as the type included in All-In-One Printer/ Copier/Scanner/Fax devices) are also very popular. Portable scanners are a great mobile scanning solution for business travelers who need to quickly scan receipts, business cards, articles, documents or photos while away from the office. And their quality continues to grow, even as their size and price keep getting smaller.

Photo scanners are also very popular as more and more consumers gravitate to digital cameras and are left with boxes of old photos and film negatives that can degrade over time. Similarly, slide and film scanners can scan directly from transparencies or photographic negatives.

There are also many other types of scanners, including barcode scanners – handheld devices (wired or wireless, depending on your needs) that are an ideal solution for any type of retail business.

TigerDirect Business offers a wide variety of scanners for any purpose, from leading manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, Honeywell, Motorola and many others. Use the convenient navigation panel at left to shop TigerDirect Business’s wide variety of scanners by type, brand, price, features, best sellers and more.


What Our Customers Have to Say:

Wonderful product
"Fujitsu should be commended for creating such a wonderful product. No issues whatsoever."
-Daniel Valentine,  Apr 28, 2017
Great scanner for the price
"I am a home user with basic scanning needs, like a photo or a document here or there. This is a great little flatbed with simple hookup with just the USB cable included. My previous Canon flatbed scanner finally gave out after almost 15 years of use and this was a good replacement. No problems at all with this one."
-AMANDA POTTS,  Mar 3, 2017
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