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Mini PCs are small-form factor personal computers that provide excellent computing support in lieu of traditional desktops. Mini PCs are great alternatives for the full-fledged desktop if you want to save space in your workstation without sacrificing the computing support.

Internally speaking, Mini PCs are commonly equipped with hardware that can rival the power and speed of consumer Desktop PCs. With a great combination of sleek exteriors and highly-functional internals, Mini PCs can prove to be a difference maker in terms of efficiency in any workstation.

As the name suggests, Mini PCs are smaller than usual desktop computers. Most Mini PCs fall below the 7x2x9 range of dimensions (H x W x D) which further testifies its claim as space-saving PC. With such sleek external build, Mini PCs can seamlessly fit in any workplace and provide the computing prowess it hides under its svelte body.

When it comes to hardware support, Mini PCs are commonly equipped with Intel processors to supply the replies needed to accomplish every computing tasks. Intel Celeron, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7 are the usual providers of command processing support inside the Mini PCs. Clock speed varies with every Core-type but it usually ranges from 1.6GHZ to 3.GHz. Mini PCs delivers outstanding support for basic to heavy computing tasks.

Data management for Mini PCs usually come from DD3L and DDR3-type RAMs. Depending on your preferred allowance, Mini PCs are equipped with RAM ranging from 2GB to 8GB to aid your system against relentless data consumption in multiple applications. Mini PCs are excellent in multitasking with large RAM that handles data and applications management of the system.

Mini PCs provide sufficient graphics assistance for apps and display. Through the commonly used Intel Graphics GPU, Mini PC will take care of minimal graphics needs and activities. Mini PCs are more than serviceable devices against HD media streaming and casual photo or video alteration.

Storage for Mini PCs is either 16GB flash memory or 32GB SSD, although there are some versions that are packed with up to 256GB storage. Staying true to its basic approach when it comes to usage, storage for Mini PCs is just the right amount to serve well against files in basic apps like MS Word and Excel.

Asus and Lenovo are two of the leading brands when it comes to producing quality Mini PCs for consumers. Depending on the packed hardware, Mini PCs from Asus and Lenovo usually play around the $100 to $200 price range.

Considering its performance and computing proficiency, the price tag for Mini PCs are extremely reasonable and affordable even for students! Purchase one Mini PC only here at!

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