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Is your business storm ready? CyberPower PFC Sinewave UPS Series

Power Protection

Surge protectors (surge suppressors) are appliances designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. Surge protectors attempt to regulate the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground voltages above a safe threshold. A power strip is sometimes miscalled a surge protector, but provides no such protection, unless it specifically says this protection is included

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), also known as an Uninterruptible Power Source, Continuous Power Supply (CPS) or a UPS battery backup is a device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power to connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is not available. UPS Battery Backups typically remain idle until a power failure occurs, and then switches from utility power to its own power source, almost instantaneously. Also, some UPS continuously powers the protected load from its reserves (usually lead-acid batteries or stored kinetic energy), while simultaneously replenishing the reserves from the AC power.

The most common type of UPS, in addition to providing protection against complete failure of the utility supply, provides protection against all common power problems, and for this reason it is also known as a power conditioner and a line conditioner. Most UPS for the home and small business systems are below the 700VA size, and for business and network servers a unit with more than 700VA would be recommended. Manufacturers also make rack mount UPS and power distribution units. 

While not limited to safeguarding any particular type of equipment, a UPS is typically used to protect computers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss. UPS units come in sizes ranging from units which will back up a single computer without monitor (around 200 VA) to units which will power entire data centers or buildings (several megawatts). Larger UPS units typically work in conjunction with generators.

Manufacturers of Power Protection equipment includes: APC, Belkin, CyberPower, TrippLite, and others.


Recent Product Reviews

Amazing Value
Commercial application to guard our iLLumina MiSeq genetic sequencers 875W. They work as advertised. We had a power outage and they transferred smoothly. The brown-outs are the real killer. As soon as the lights flickered even once, they transferred. Our backup diesel started and the units transferred back. They save the runs, which take 2-4 days to process. We cannot afford downtime or do overs. We were using the significantly more expensive SUA1000XL $700 and thought we'd try these inexpensive BR1300Gs. In my opinion these are a great value. They compare favorably to the SUA1000's and are much less expensive. We will in the future continue to utlize more of these for commercial application. I really like them.
-BILL HILOW June 6, 2017


Super Product
Works Just Great, glad I bought it. It's been used a few times for power outages due to storms here.
-BJRB July 23rd 


This Product Meets All Expectations and Beyond
The extra security knowing the power supply will do what is expected.
-Sacagawaya April 8th


Quality and Price
Another high quality product, works as advertised, easy set up, great support, and the usual pricing, shipping, and service.
-Mike June 1st


We tend to lose power here for no apparent reason. It is comforting to know my computer is safe from these up and downs which corrupted my last hard drive.
May 25th
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